Fairy Non Bio Liquitabs - 22 tablets for £2.00 @ Asda

Fairy Non Bio Liquitabs - 22 tablets for £2.00 @ Asda

Found 20th Feb 2010
Just been to Asda in Swansea and they are selling tubs of 22 Liquitabs for £2.00. Not sure if store specific. The had a huge pallet of them at the entrance.

Cracking deal as the price is normally £3.86 for 11 or £5.00 for 20!!!
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Are you sure the normal price isn't £3.86 for 11 washes (22 tablets), or £5 for 20 washes (40 tablets)? Still almost half price though, so a good deal.
According to the tub it's one tablet per wash for a normal load so it's definitely 11 tabs or 20 tabs in the other sizes. I couldn't work out how this was so cheap but there you go.
Price is great as these would be £6+, they did this last week and the deal was posted but mainly unavailable. I got three packs delivered from my order of twenty. Might check online or ring store.

NOT adding heat until Ive got mine, hard to get hold so hope to get their before others.

No doubt store specific getting voted hot without anyone purchasing some.
I just to had to rush out to get some tablets for my dishwasher, she had a head ache had to pick up some paracetamol:whistling:
not as good as gel as the case seem to blob on the cloths
Sounds good from me....off to Asda we go and hoppe S'sea store still got some left!!!!!!!!!:-)
This was a fiver for 20 tabs at ASDA Hyson Green for anyone taking a special trip...
anyone confirm if this is real or the usual one off store misprice that goes uber hot before being expired lol?

dont even sell 22s online - only 20 at £5!
As stated in the op I don't know if it's store specific or not. Judging by some comments then it must be. However, it certainly was genuine and was DEFINITELY £2.00 for 22 liquitabs. I bought 4 boxes of the things!!! I've also only ever seen 11's or 20's on the shelves before too.
Not at the Meadway Asda in Reading - £5 for 20 capsules (20 washes.)

They did have two bottles of gel for £7, think it was 18 washes per gel pack. I decided to give the asda 'sensitive' one a go instead at £3.
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