Fairy platinum 30s dishwasher tablets £2 at Asda were £8

Fairy platinum 30s dishwasher tablets £2 at Asda were £8

Found 10th Feb 2013
fairy platinum dishwasher tabs 30 pk for £2 reduced from £8 in the Thornaby store not sure if online. looks like they are changing the packaging so reduced.
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online the new packaged 30 pack are £8

Do you have the barcode please?

Got some of these in Thornaby too this afty. Had loads of them down the baby event isle for some reason!


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Barcode is : 541007638394

These are £3 in my tesco so it probably is a packaging thing!

I just bought these they were marked as £4 but after seeing this post I checked my receipt and have been charged £2 :-)

Cheers picked up a few pack. Hot.

there is about 20 in asda wigan
i got 3 bags
the packs of 30 next to it are £6 and the pack of 21(i think )are £5 so this is a bargain,.

They were at £3 a couple of weeks ago at Pembroke Dock, so looks like clearance pricing. Heat from me.. A great price if your local store has any stock remaining. Going to look in my local store tomorrow to see if they have any more

You can generally find these on offer every month or so, not as cheap as this but not far off. This is a hot deal though.

Got them in Asda Newcastle marked on offer as £4 but scanned at £2!

I found these
Still better than nothing.

yep 2 quid in my asda,bought a shedload


My friend used them as washing machine powder lol

£4 on the SEL and scanned at £4

£4 in Lincoln

Just for the last 2 at sinfin, derby store. SEL says£2 now

More in sinfin today, bought another 6 to keep me going

Bought 6 bags of these today at Burnley Asda, shelf was crammed full 100+ but no shelf edge label and had to get staff to check price before buying.

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Been in today and there is a pallet full just as you go through the door £2. I would guess this is nationwide....

I went in today still £2 in tilbury I bought 6 bags they'll probably outlast my dishwasher , smokin hot deal :-)

£3 at metrocentre asda, reduced from £4
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