Fairy Platinum dishwasher tabs 22 + 50% extra free + half price  + Tesco Clubcard voucher with £3.50 off

Fairy Platinum dishwasher tabs 22 + 50% extra free + half price + Tesco Clubcard voucher with £3.50 off

Found 10th Feb 2010
Recieved my latest clubcard deals in post yesterday and one of the money off vouchers enclosed had £3.50 off Fairy active bursts dishwasher tablets.
Went into my local store today and found that the Fairy tablets were on half price.
Then noticed that the Fairy Platinum 22 pack had 50% extra free and marked up at £3.75
Got to the checkout and it accepted my £3.50 off voucher so I ended up getting 33 tablets for only 25p.
I am very chuffed with myself
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Just had my Tesco vouchers but I cannot find any money off coupon for dishwasher tablets. where in the pack was yours? :thumbsup:
It may not happen for everyone, but along with the clubcard deals vouchers there was another leaflet in the envelope with money off vouchers, which included this one.
Thanks for that :thumbsup: Looks like I havent got it. Hope it works for some as it is a great deal. Thanks for taking the time to post it x x
this is not a deal available to everyone. The vouchers you get from tesco in with your clubcard vouchers are specifically relevant to you.

They are generated by a technique called "data mining" which is basically an automatic computer programme which analyses your buying patterns and which products you buy. you will notice that the vouchers which give money off of specific products are for products which you by on an infrequent basis and you probably haven't bought them in a while. Tesco hope to encourage you to buy the product again by giving you these vouchers.

sorry, cold from me.
p19uk that is a bit self centred. I dont for a minute think floatable was the only person in the country to get this voucher - therefore many many people will still be able to use it and take advantage of the great find floatable made. I for one am appreciative of the time floatable took to share this deal.
Hi P19uk,
As it appears you are the master of all knowledge I bow to your superiority, or maybe you got out of the wrong side of bed. As I said in my original post this voucher came in my Tesco envelope. I do not know what comes in other peoples post , however I thought as it was such a good deal I felt it would be appropriate to post it as others may benefit from it.
In future before I post should I check it out with you before you become the grumpy old troll and I cross your bridge.

Can someone tell me why this has now expired
agree with p19uk
But surely this is a good deal even if you didn't get the Tesco voucher?
Half price and 50% extra sounds pretty good to me.
Voted hot (and I don't even have a dishwasher!).
excellent thanks for posting got my voucher £3.50 off
Cheers Jagron and Danny1 nice to see someone else with the same voucher
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