Fairy Professional Liquid 2.5 litres £1 + £3 P&P (Free delivery on £30 spend) @ Poundshop.com £4

Fairy Professional Liquid 2.5 litres £1 + £3 P&P (Free delivery on £30 spend) @ Poundshop.com £4

Found 26th Apr 2016
Back at Poundshop again, today only! One per order.

More Washing Up Than You Can Imagine For £1!
Amazing Saving Off RRP £5.99, Bumper Value
2.5 Litres Fairy Professional Washing Up Liquid
From The Makers of The No1 Washing Up Liquid In The World
Handle Design For Easy Use
Maximum 1 Per Order

UK Mainland Costs

Order Up To £29 – Standard Delivery is £3, Next Working Day Delivery £5
Order £30 or More – Standard FREE DELIVERY, Next Working Day Just £3!

(Next working day delivery is only available for orders placed before 3pm.)
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There's Fruit Of The Loom long sleeve tops, t-shirts, tops too (Men, Women, Kids, different colours) poundshop.com/cat…oom can't vouch for the quality though.
max 1 per order
I'll help you fill your basket

Lots of Sleek makeup too (3 pack varnish or various shades of Pout Paint), poundshop.com/cat…eek

W7 lipsticks poundshop.com/cat…=w7

Revlon lashes: poundshop.com/mem…hes

Belkin ipod/iphone car charger cable poundshop.com/mem…-2m

Elegant Touch nail art kits: poundshop.com/cat…ant

4 pack 7-Up poundshop.com/4-p…0ml

Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa bar poundshop.com/foo…00g

2 Pack kids sports bottle poundshop.com/2pk…tle

Fox’s Biccies Biscuit Selection Pack 280g poundshop.com/fox…80g

Highland Speciality Shortbread Fingers 4 Pack poundshop.com/hig…ack

Thorntons Milk Chocolate Bar 100g with Special Toffee poundshop.com/tho…fee

Blue Dragon 2 x packs of microwave rice (Egg Fried Rice or long grain) poundshop.com/cat…gon

Burton's Fish N Chips 5 packs (Pickled Onion or Curry) poundshop.com/cat…ons

2 x Heinz Spaghetti Hoops - 400g poundshop.com/2-x…00g

Tate & Lyle sugar 1kg poundshop.com/tat…1kg

Retro sweets selection poundshop.com/cat…tro

Weetabix Weetaflakes 375g poundshop.com/wee…75g

Haribo poundshop.com/cat…ibo

Johnsons Baby Soap 4 Pack poundshop.com/joh…oap

Sanex shower gels poundshop.com/cat…nex

2pk massage sponges poundshop.com/2-m…ges

Axe roll on 50ml (Lynx in the UK) poundshop.com/axe…0ml

Vaseline body lotions or nail/hand lotion poundshop.com/cat…ine

Twin Pack 500ml Handwash – Mango & Passion Fruit poundshop.com/twi…uit

3pks of toothbrushes (Oral-B or Colgate) poundshop.com/cat…hes

L’Oreal Elvive Leave In Root Lift Spray 200ml poundshop.com/l-o…0ml

Insulating Thermal Insoles 1 Pair poundshop.com/ins…air

Pretty Sleep in Hair Rollers- 6 Pack 36mm poundshop.com/pre…6mm

CMS Fabric Strapping 1.5m poundshop.com/cms…-5m

Zazie Paddle Hair Brush poundshop.com/zaz…ush

Toothpaste (includes Eucryl, Colgate, Aquafresh) poundshop.com/cat…ste

Lynx Black Shower Gel 250ml poundshop.com/lyn…gel

Pedigree Chum (jumbone, Markies, Biscrok, 5pc selection box) poundshop.com/cat…hum

Vitamins poundshop.com/hea…ins
Bioglan vitamins: poundshop.com/cat…lan

Harpic toilet cleaners poundshop.com/cat…pic

Multipurpose Kitchen Scissors with Magnetic Holder - Green poundshop.com/hom…der
Scissors selection: poundshop.com/cat…sor

Stardrops Anti-bacterial Cleaner 750ml poundshop.com/hom…ner

Wooden Handle Cultivator 29cm with Foam Grip poundshop.com/woo…rip

Fever Cool 3Pk (typo I think) poundshop.com/fev…3pk

Lightweight Watering Can 1.2L Yellow poundshop.com/lig…low

Wooden Handle Garden Shovel 34cm with Foam Grip poundshop.com/woo…rip

Wooden Handle Garden Rake 27cm with Foam Grip poundshop.com/woo…rip

151 Duct Tape poundshop.com/151…ape

Kinzo Padlock 50mm poundshop.com/kin…0mm

Kinzo 47pc Wood Working Set poundshop.com/47p…set

Kinzo 2 Pack Voltage Tester poundshop.com/2-p…ter

Flowerpots: poundshop.com/cat…pot

Loaf tin poundshop.com/tra…tin

Cutting boards poundshop.com/cat…ard

Sealapack Fruit & Vegetable Bags 12 poundshop.com/sea…-12

Re-useable Grill Bag poundshop.com/re-…bag

Turkey Roasting Bag poundshop.com/tur…bag

Airtight containers poundshop.com/cat…ght

Flash Bathroom Cleaner 1ltr poundshop.com/fla…ltr

Astonish Oven and Cookware Paste Cleaner poundshop.com/ast…ner

16 Pack of Soap Filled Scouring Pads poundshop.com/16-…ads

SealAPack 20 food bags (also sandwich bags) poundshop.com/sea…ags

Whiskas pouches poundshop.com/cat…kas

3 Pack Egyptian Cotton Tea Towels poundshop.com/3-p…els

Runner's Water Bottle poundshop.com/run…tle

Hellmann’s Light Mayonnaise 430ml poundshop.com/hel…0ml

6pk drinking glasses poundshop.com/dri…pcs

Other drinking glasses/reading glasses! poundshop.com/cat…ses

Signature Collection Oil Diffuser - Floral Essence poundshop.com/sig…ces

Little Duck Mighty Cloth poundshop.com/lit…oth

Superman 24 Pack Felt Tip Pens poundshop.com/sup…ens

Batteries poundshop.com/tec…ies

Knitting yarn poundshop.com/cat…ing

151 puncture repair kit poundshop.com/151…kit

Lots of (single) greetings cards poundshop.com/cat…ard
10pk Birthday Cards poundshop.com/pac…ers
10pk Mixed Occasion Cards poundshop.com/mix…ack
10pk Happy Birthday Cards Floral poundshop.com/pac…ral
10pk Happy Birthday Cards Childrens poundshop.com/pac…n-s

Gift bags poundshop.com/cat…bag

Just 4 Dogs Deodorising Spray 300ml poundshop.com/jus…0ml

Just 4 Dogs Flea Repellent Shampoo 500ml poundshop.com/jus…0ml

Fabrite Washing Powder Sheets 24 Pack Non Bio Lavender poundshop.com/fab…der (washing powder in a sheet?)

Osiris Avise Recovery Oil 100ml poundshop.com/osi…0ml

Bird Feeder Tube 18cm poundshop.com/pet…ube

Pan Aroma Liquid fragrance lamp tangerine & vanilla poundshop.com/liq…ang

Dunlop car shampoo 500ml poundshop.com/tra…-ot

Dinner Table Candles (4 I think?) poundshop.com/hom…les
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I'll help you fill your basket :)Lots of Sleek makeup too (3 pack varnish … I'll help you fill your basket :)Lots of Sleek makeup too (3 pack varnish or various shades of Pout Paint), http://www.poundshop.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=sleekRevlon lashes: http://www.poundshop.com/members-offers/revlon-eyes-lashesBelkin ipod/iphone car charger cable http://www.poundshop.com/members-offers/belkin-ipod-iphone-car-charger-cable-1-2mElegant Touch nail art kits: http://www.poundshop.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=elegant4 pack 7 Up http://www.poundshop.com/4-pack-7-up-250mlLindt Excellence 70% Cocoa bar http://www.poundshop.com/food-drink/lindt-excellence-dark-coca-100g2 Pack kids sports bottle http://www.poundshop.com/2pk-kids-sports-bottle

They have more variety then other poundland wedsites
cold £2.99 in b&m bought a few last week

cold £2.99 in b&m bought a few last week

Not all have a b&m near and some of us choose to shop online
Maximum order 1, so is cold for me.
it's 3 quid in b and m all week long
don't bother
Oh well, I enjoyed compiling the list anyway

Oh well, I enjoyed compiling the list anyway

Thanks it saved me time to look
Hot from me - that list deserves a bit of heat purely for the effort
£2.99 in farmfoods
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