Fairy Tail Manga Collection from HumbleBundle - 79p

Fairy Tail Manga Collection from HumbleBundle - 79p

Found 22nd Jun 2017
Another humble book bundle, this time a manga collection. I appreciate many people read this stuff online, but for 15 USD you get all 45 volumes of the original manga, plus numerous side stories, art books and also a Funimation subscription discount. Good to Great if you are a fan of action manga, and a decent series done by author Hiro Mashima, who also did action adventure manga Rave.
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Don't mind if I do, thanks for the heads up OP!
Is Fairy Tail still ongoing or is this complete?
Will be finishing in a few weeks in Japan.
considering each volume in print is like £10 you would be spending like £450 if you brought these in print! to only spend like £20 is a great deal! Plus its Fairy Tail, I'm all fired up now!
Brilliant post, thank you!
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