Fairy Washing Up Liquid 500ml  79p @ Home Bargains

Fairy Washing Up Liquid 500ml 79p @ Home Bargains

Found 16th May 2011
Fairy Washing Up Liquid, Limited Edition old-style white bottle that was re-launched as part of a promotion earlier this year, 500ml size, only 79 pence at Home Bargains.
I bought 2 bottles at the Bentley Bridge Store (there were absolutely loads) and my mom saw the same deal at Walsall yesterday.
If my maths is correct, per ml this is even better than the Iceland deal.
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It's a little bit cheaper,i'd rather have the other bottles,these are horrible hehe

I haven't voted btw
Haven't voted.
Yeah picked some of these up,quite easy to
transfer it to standard bottles that came from the same
place,as I also did with the small persil bio's into the bigger
one with the ball on top.Home Bargains are brilliant
Tesco is cheaper. 650ml £1

Tesco is cheaper. 650ml £1

There's not much in it,pence difference
They are to celebrate the royal wedding thing .
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