Fairy Washing Up Liquid (Original) 650ml £1 @ Tesco
Fairy Washing Up Liquid (Original) 650ml £1 @ Tesco

Fairy Washing Up Liquid (Original) 650ml £1 @ Tesco

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BUT Posted in case no local Wilko's near you!

I saw these, but didn't bother picking them up as I still have lots...

I only saw the original green one...



cheaper @ wilko's ;o;

no Wilko's near me, so this is a good deal

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cheaper @ wilko's ;o;

Yeah, I know that... that's why I posted the Wilko's one as well.. but not everyone has a local Wilko's so I just posted it to help those in that situation :thumbsup:

[COLOR="Red"]EDIT: Oh my days... I don't understand why people vote cold on this for the sake of 2p difference at Wilkinson... I posted this (for the reasons mentioned above)... and it just makes me feel like not posting anymore potential "deals" because you can get it 2p cheaper at a store that not everyone has access to... in addition, you can get Tesco points... which is probably the value of 0.2p... but hey, every little helps[/COLOR] :thumbsup:


i know why you posted both, each deal will suit different people so for the sake of 2p i did;nt vot either way

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Yeah, well... people who are voting cold makes me sick of posting any deals on this site... If I was at Tesco, I wouldn't drive all the way to Wilko's just to pick up a bottle at 2p less... it would cost me more than that in petrol

I might as well expire this before it gets any worse :cry:

EDIT: and it's not even like the other posted one at Wilkinsons is soaring through the roof... *sigh*

voted hot, i certainly won't be worrying over 2p,

thanks OP, glad you pointed out the tescos deal also as surely ppl go to tescos more often than they do wilkos?!?!

Fab thanks

I don't go to Wilkinsons :-D

£1 at Sainsbury's too!

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and apparently £1 at Asda too...

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Just been to Lidl, and they are 2 for £2... in case this helps anyone... I'm not going to bother creating a new deal for it, as silly people will just shoot it down.
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