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Fairywill Sonic USB Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush 2 pack with 8 heads for £21.24 delivered, using code @ thinkprice /eBay

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Nice value here as well when you use the code NOW15

Professional teeth cleaning at Home - just like visiting a dental hygienist

Safe to use in the bath or shower as the toothbrush is rated IPX7 waterproof

With 40,000 micro oscillations per minute this provides you with the ultimate clean for your teeth

Your teeth will feel healthier in one week and your gums will be strong and more resilient within 2 weeks

More effective at removing plaque and stains from smoking, coffee etc... than manual or regular electric toothbrushes

Travel case is included with both the 8 Brush models making this ideal for use at home and whilst travelling abroad

Professional cleaning with 5 Modes: White, Clean, Sensitive, Polish, Massage

White mode - removes stubborn plaques and stains
Clean mode - Normal cleaning
Sensitive mode - Perfect for kids/children
Polish mode - Enhanced polishing for the front teeth
Massage mode - Strengthen your gums

2-minute automatic smart timer

Dentist recommend brushing each of the 4 sections of your mouth for 30 seconds timed to perfection with the 2 minutes built-in timer.

Pauses every 30 seconds reminding you to change sections, so you don't end up "over-brushing".

After 2 minutes you can restart the brush by simple pressing the 'on' button again.

The built-in memory module remembers your last mode you used.

Rechargeable toothbrush, waterproof and simple to use

Once fully charged, the automatic charging mechanism will shut down, thereby keeping energy bills low !

USB charging make this globally compatible, you can charge the brush anywhere in the world using a USB port / plug.

The most efficient electric toothbrush you can buy, with a quick 4 hour charge your brush will last for 30 days based on 2 minutes usage in the morning and at night

D7 - 8 Brush Package Includes

1* Premium Black Travel case
1* Black Electric Toothbrush Handle with 5 cleaning modes
8* Standard Brush Heads
1* Protective Cover for the brush head
1* USB Cable (Charger not included - charges via any USB plug or port)
1* Instruction Usage Manual

D7 - 4Brush Package Includes

1* Black Electric Toothbrush Handle with 5 cleaning modes
3* Standard Brush Heads
1* Interdental Brush Head
1* USB Cable (Charger not included - charges via any USB plug or port)
1* Protective Cover for the brush head
1* Instruction Usage Manual

D7 - Couple Package with 2 Handles and 8 Brush Heads Includes

1* Black Electric Toothbrush Handle with 5 cleaning modes
1* Pink Electric Toothbrush Handle with 5 cleaning modes
1* Black Travel case
1* Pink Travel Case
6* Standard Brush Heads
2* Interdental Brush Head
2* USB Cable (Charger not included - charges via any USB plug or port)
1* Instruction Usage Manual

Fairywill Teeth Whitening Strips - 28 Strips for 14 day treatment


Achieve express and professional whitening result at Home. Fairywill teeth whitening strips can remove coffee, smoking, tea and other yellow stains easily. 14 days 2 weeks course flash that intense white smile faster with the help of whitening teeth strips that fit easily and comfortably on your teeth.


Fairywill whitener strips with active ingredient whiten teeth effectively. Hydrogen Peroxide is the main whitening strips ingredient. These teeth whitening strips release oxygen power to actively remove stains and give you professional whitening results at home.


Professional whitening result whitener strips adopts unique water-less adhesive strips design, and uses polymer embedding technology to be more firmly adhere to the surface of the tooth, so that it can effectively lock the whitening ingredient of the tooth. Have whiter brighter teeth without expensive dental laser or chemical whitening treatment.


Ingredients of whitening strips are suitable for customers with sensitive tooth. Compared with other teeth strips, our Fairywill teeth whitening strips are less sensitive and will not stimulate the mouth and teeth.
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  1. Avatar
    Absolutely brilliant deal. I moved away from unreliable and overpriced Philips Sonicare to these. They're great. Sooooo much better
    Had both - much prefer the fairywill. - I also managed to reply without ridiculing the original comment something the other Wally couldn’t seem to do.
  2. Avatar
    Had these for ages and never been a problem, then "upgraded" to a bigger brand and to be honest didn't see that much of a difference between the two. Would recommend.
  3. Avatar
    Had one of these for about 2 year, battery lasts ages, worth more than this. Got a load of heads with mine and I keep finding them in random drawers forgetting where I put them.
  4. Avatar
    Already have 1 of these & it’s absolutely brilliant! Still not had to charge it since I got it out of the box! The different functions are brilliant, really does give you the clean fresh polished feel. Just bought 2 sets of 2 ! Brilliant price! 🔥 🔥 thanks for posting
  5. Avatar
    Anyone know did amazon stop selling fairywill? I got one from there a couple years ago. It stopped working the other day and I went to re buy but nothing there. Good deal.
    [edit] I think they maybe rebranded as sonic (edited)
    Yes now under Sonic brand. I purchased Fairywill in Sept 2018, it stopped charging in Sept 2021, it must have had a warranty as I managed to return it and the refund showed as Sonic. I then repurchased the Sonic one and its been great since. Currently on Amazon £19.59

    Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Adults, Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush with Includes 10 Brush Heads, Fast 4 Hr Charge Last 30 Days,with 40000VPM and 3 Modes - Black amzn.eu/d/d9YRmOs (edited)
  6. Avatar
    I've got it for 4 years without a single problem.
  7. Avatar
    had these for 3 years (replacing a much more expensive brand that gave up the ghost just after the warranty expired!).
    terrific value and they are still working well
  8. Avatar
    I'm trusting you here HUKDealers
    My sonicare is showing its age, battery capacity has dropped considerably.
    So I'm going to try one (or rather 2) of these. You may have saved me a packet OP
    Had sonicare - and batteries dead after a couple of years - tried these years ago and I’m still using it and replacing kids too, battery charge last >whole month and if you’re lucky last a 2-3 years before they don’t charge anymore! Dentist even said kids teeth great with whatever’s were using.
  9. Avatar
    Legend. We had one previously (last time they went hot on here) and it lasted a good 2 years of 2 people using daily. Then just stopped charging. Purchase a oral b one recently and it's crap. Perfect timing. Thanks OP. Heat added
  10. Avatar
    £16:99 with code for 8 heads
    Yeah, looking at the price of heads, I think its better to got for 8 heads version?
  11. Avatar
    Super hot! I've got the Pro model since 2 years ago, brilliant toothbrush. My wife had a different brand looking like this one, did not lasted her long. Got her a Pro for Christmas, paid £21 for one.
    Great price and the sad part is these are sold on ebay by Fairywill but HUKD does not allow to post deals from that seller.
  12. Avatar
    Great deal. Paid slightly less than this for one a few years back and going strong. Much better than over priced Oral B and the like imo
    Definitely. Unlike Oral B they don't have a hole in the head that is just plain grim
  13. Avatar
    Heat from me as well.
    Ordered 3 packs for family a week ago. dispatched the next day from aliexpress. seem to be really nice value for money.
  14. Avatar
    Thanks op
  15. Avatar
    Are peeps using these as chisels to break them? Mine hasn't missed a beat in over 3 years. Battery lasts ages between charges. Better than other brands costing 5 times as much
  16. Avatar
    Good spot, ordered! I have had this kind of generic brand cheaper toothbrush a few times before. Maddeningly, my kids' original brushes have lasted a couple of years now with absolutely no issues and yet I have been through 3 or 4 of them. One just stopped working, one ended up with a broken neck etc - I have no idea what I am doing to break them!
    Are you sure you're using them to brush your teeth, not the brass in the house?
  17. Avatar
    My first one broke after a few months but I got my money back (they did not have any more of these toothbrushes).
    As I liked the sonic cleaning and loved the long lasting batteries and quick USB charge I bought another one and it's still going strong after a couple of years daily use. LOVE IT!
    Probably, the port they use is not a Type C USB port, is it?
  18. Avatar
    Thanks. Ordered
  19. Avatar
    Had one for about 2-3 months and accidentally left it in my old flat, just ordered for me & the Mrs, loved my last one
  20. Avatar
    Ordered. Good price. Thanks OP. Heat added.
  21. Avatar
    Highly recommend these. I haven’t tried the very expensive sonic brushes but vs the £50 branded brushes it’s far superior. Cheaper for the heads too
  22. Avatar
    Thanks! ordered a couple too!
  23. Avatar
    good deal. purchased
  24. Avatar
    Thanks OP. My Oral B was starting to not hold charge and had moisture in the lcd display, so this was just what I needed.
  25. Avatar
    Ordered, nice one
  26. Avatar
    We’ve got oral B just the now but they’re old. Ordered these cheers Op
  27. Avatar
    Thanks - ordered one.
  28. Avatar
    Are replacement heads easily available l?
  29. Avatar
    Couldn't fault them for how they clean your teeth but unfortunately they don't last that long before they work intermittently and then stop working all together. To be fair customer services were always quick to replace but after the third time I went back to braun
    I've no idea what you are doing with them to have 3 break? I have 3 in our house and they are all going strong 2 year on. I've ordered this pack as you can't get the heads for much less, and my wee girl will like the pink one. The others will be used as spare if and when they ever break, great deal
  30. Avatar
    There are several variations on eBay at different prices depending what you want.
    Just search think price toothbrushes
    From this seller you can get 2 black ones for 21.64 with this code if, say, your ungrateful household baulks at the colour pink
  31. Avatar
    Just went for the oral b as my Fairywill lasted for a year..
  32. Avatar
    These only last about 15 months, at the price that's fine but it adds up to quite a bit of China-induced landfill.
    Had mine for 3 years used twice a day so not sure about that
  33. Avatar
    Thanks. Is there a place that compares the different models? P11, D7, etc.. ?
    Don't know, but I have the P11 and is brilliant. Wife had a different brand, looking exactly the same as these ones and didn't last long. Got her a P11 now, that looks and feels premium.
  34. Avatar
    Ordered - son and daughter stocking filler...ideal.
    Done the same
  35. Avatar
    What heads are needed for replacement?
    Same question here. Has that seller got heads too so I can order them as one parcel?
  36. Avatar
    These are great, but as many have noted they don't have a good average lifespan. My first two lasted under a year each (replaced by Fairywill without quibble). Third one still going strong though.
  37. Avatar
    It seems like that code should work for other products too.

  38. Avatar
    Mine didn't seem to clean my teeth as good as circled motion ones. Switched to oral b and noticed a difference. I paid £6 for one of these last year
  39. Avatar
    Do they do heads for kids? Couldn't find them
    Heads are same I believe, but you switch mode to sensitive for children
  40. Avatar
    I had a fairywill wster flosser it only lasted about 3,months before it packed up. The toothbrushes might be different though.