Faith No More - Angel Dust (Black - T-Shirt) - £4.99 Delivered @ Play.com !!!
Faith No More - Angel Dust (Black - T-Shirt) - £4.99 Delivered @ Play.com !!!

Faith No More - Angel Dust (Black - T-Shirt) - £4.99 Delivered @ Play.com !!!

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Faith No More Angel Dust T-Shirt - Uk Officially Licensed Black 100% Cotton Short Sleeved T-Shirt With The Artwork Image From The Angel Dust Album Screen Printed Across The Chest.


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HOT - Loved Faith No More!

Roasting Hot....

I Love FNM :oops:

...It's perfect yes it's true....voted hot

What a great album! Have too many t-shirts already tho

If only they had my size.

Voted Hot.

One of my favourite bands ever. Hot, hot, hot!

I used to see them every time they toured Sydney, ah the memories.

great band, saw them at brixton.... awesome

Never thought there would be so many FNM fans on here! My favourite album of all time.

Definitely in my top 3 bands of all time. RV, now THAT is a tune!

Hear, Hear!! One of the favourite bands of my youth

Great album. Downloaded it recently and it sounded a little dated TBH but still good and brilliant at the time.

FNM Phenomenal...Mike needs to say yes to another album...

Excellent deal !

And perfect timing too - my ageing set of FNM t-shirts have reached that age where they go into semi-retirement, (i.e. they're that old and well-worn that they are starting to get tiny little holes in them).

Oddly enough, my long sleeve Angel Dust shirt is the only one in wearable condition now - I wonder if they have some replacements for some of my other t-shirts on Play... (i.e. The Real Thing, King for a Day, Album of the Year, etc)...

Heated and repped !!

EDIT - Aaargh ! Only available in small at the moment... Maybe 15 years ago, I'd have gotten away with small...

What do you FNM fans think of Peeping Tom ? personally love the album not really comparable with FNM but definitely one of MP's better projects. I was hoping with RATM getting back together FNM must be next

EDIT: Don't seem to have any Tees left

Great album. Must dig it out for a play.
Saw them live many years ago in Portsmouth and they rocked.

I also quite like Peeping Tom - as you say, not that FNM, although there are little elements of it here and there. Patton is one hell of a versatile vocalist!

Saw them three times, once at the Phoenix Festival and twice at Rock City in Nottingham and I can honestly say that they were better than flawless. Again, I also wish they'd reform - but seeing as they were hardly the closest-knit band in the world in the years before they called it a day, I've never been that confident.

We can live in hope though!!:thumbsup:

Doh, too small.

Drinking fountains are shorter than they used to be :whistling:

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