Fake Ugg Emu looking Boots £2 @ primark

Fake Ugg Emu looking Boots £2 @ primark

Found 11th Mar 2011
I went to Primark Wednesday looking for sandals *looks out the window and it's raining*

And in the entrance thay have fake uggy boots for £2.00 was £5. I saw. The small Emu type midi boots, and the ugg style cardy ones.

Everyone was going "Oh look £2* :-D
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Not many people realize that "Ugg" was originally just a generic name for this sort of boot in Australia, until some bright spark registered it as a trademark and stopped everyone else selling "Uggs". So "fake Uggs" is something of a non sequitur.
£2 for a pair of boots to kick about in, how is this cold?
Only one thing colder than Uggs and that's fake Uggs. It's 2011 people!!!

Great for cold tramps though.
yes, yes it is, have people on your planet evolved beyond the need for warm feet? ....or maybe you have no feet at all???

Its £2 shoes, i'm sure some people will be greatful!
uggly boot
Bargain...great as slippers
Its been more than a month for now but still good for some.

Cant go wrong for £2...
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