Falling Down @ HMV only £2.99 delivered

Falling Down @ HMV only £2.99 delivered

Found 13th Mar 2008Made hot 13th Mar 2008
A good film from the viewpoint of seeing Michael Douglas just losing the plot altogether.

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A laid-off defense worker, kept from seeing his child on her birthday by a restraining order, looks at the landscape of moral decay in Los Angeles on one hot, congested day and, after being mugged, snaps. What follows is his bitter and pathetic mission of justice, vengeance and vindication that reads uncomfortably like too many news stories.



Great film, thanks steveilevi

Heat and rep on its way (Great price - Great Film!!!)

Great Film, Just Ordered.


Great film just ordered, too bad they didnt release a Special Edition of this film. One of Michael Douglas's best films.

Good film. Good price.

my fav film of all time! voted hot

"me and you man, were the same"

I don't want to have to pay £2.99 to fall down at HMV!

Good find Steve

HOT ++


I don't want to have to pay £2.99 to fall down at HMV!

You don't have too, but you should! :-D

One of my all time favorite films. It's practically based on my life too :-D

"Have you ever heard of the phrase, 'The Customer Is Always Right'"
"now you're gonna die, wearing that stupid little hat. How does it feel?"
"We are not the same. I'm an American, you're a sick *******"



Its one of those films that you always remember, but seem to forget to add to your collection. heat added!

Awesome Movie - Heat & Rep Added

that man was my hero

I particularly liked the scene in the fast food restaurant, pointing out the difference between the burger in the marketing pictures and the ones that actually get served. I often think of that when I see advertisements for food.

not bad next price is £4.99, never seen this film though, sounds like its really good.

My hero!! Probably just as well that guns are not readily availale cos some of the clowns on the road would drive me to it!! Favourite bit is when he sends the RPG up the drainpipe!! Wow!
Thanks for the tip - just ordered with my HMV "student" card so only £2.69. Bargain of the week.

"Look at that.

*points at picture of burger*

See what I mean?
It's plump, juicy, three inches thick"

"Now look at this sorry,
miserable, squashed thing"

"Can anybody tell me
what's wrong with this picture?"

Wow does anyone NOT love this film?, yes it's superb. Any cheap prices on HD-DVD or Bluray anywhere?

I too love this film. Great performance by Douglas.

Voted Hot

A massively underrated film. One of those films I can watch over again.
Worth £2.99 definitely.
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