Falling Skies Complete Series Blu Ray £16.49 @ CoolShop

Falling Skies Complete Series Blu Ray £16.49 @ CoolShop



Really enjoyed this series.
Absolute bargain! Super series. Even though the Aliens sound like Veloceraptors
I shall copy and paste what I put in yesterdays deal...

Another show I thought was 'alright' and descended into drivel so stopped watching it!
Great series until the last season. It was such a messy ending and anticlimactic in my opinion. Still. A brilliant price and worth a watch.
Watching on Netflix at the moment but very tempted to get at that price.
Is this show finished now?
This series was top class one of my favourites and definitely worth the price
Loved this series, and it was one of very few scifi series that my wife liked watching too
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Anyone received theirs yet ?
Just had a dispatch notice.
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