Fallout 3 Add-on: Operation Anchorage & The Pitt £12.99 (X360 and PC) @ HMV

Fallout 3 Add-on: Operation Anchorage & The Pitt £12.99 (X360 and PC) @ HMV

Found 14th Jul 2009
Cheapest price for two of the downloadable add-ons for Fallout 3 now available on disc for those without access to Xbox Live, or those who love another box on the shelf!

Many have pointed out that the DLC is cheaper if bought online (800ms points each = 1600ms points = aproximately £11) but the selling point for me is that you can trade this disc in or give to a friend when you're finished with it. Can't do that with DLC!


Actually it's not the cheapest price, it can be had for a few pence cheaper at another 11 retailers, cheapest being The Hut at £12.73 (and Quidco as well). Been this sort of price ever since it was released.

I like your enthusiasm though, have some heat anyway :thumbsup:

Edit - if you do have access to Xbox Live, it's probably better to download the Broken Steel DLC pack first (800 MS points), as this pack raises the level cap to 30. You can then use your Anchorage/Pitt playthroughs to raise your level.

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HMV clinched it for me by offering 10% student discount! :-D

Others might be able to find better vouchers (or Quidco even) to further reduce the price. Still £2-3 cheaper than the shops, and that's just enough to push it into my 'BUY' zone!

Wish this was an add-on for ps3 as well.

I want that Mothership Zeta one but apparently it's a bit cack.
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