Fallout 3 for the PC £16.99 @ Amazon

Fallout 3 for the PC £16.99 @ Amazon

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My first post and this appears a good price delivered by Amazon. £16.99 is the best I have seen - previously £24.99 at Gamestation/Game etc.


Great game, looks a good price too.

Heat added.


Saw this for £15 on pc in my local ASDA (Bedminster) over the weekend, but they are having a redesign and reshuffle of their gaming and dvd section so may just be local to the store.

I got it for less than £15 delivered from Gamestation before christmas. Too expensive for me sorry.

One of the best games of the seventh generation, and the PC version is probably best due to having the least bugs and a healthy modding community. Hot!

Amazing game and excellent value for money at £17 :thumbsup:

I completed it a couple of weeks back and, doing every mission, managed to get about 50 hours out of it!

Game is probably the better option - for Quidco and Reward points etc.

Nice find tho.


Bargain. Fallout 3 has prevented me from even installing Football Manager 2009 ... which I got at Christmas!


hot http://www.avatarjunkie.net/cimg/8e68c3c7bf14ad0bcaba52babfa470bd.gif

delivery time now showing as 1-4 weeks:x

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delivery time now showing as 1-4 weeks:x

Amazon normally has good stock when they provide an offer so must have been a bit of a rush on the game. I am enjoying the game hrough my widescreen TV - still have to get the sound coming through the TV but getting there.

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looks like same price at Game … looks like same price at Game too.http://www.game.co.uk/PC/RolePlaying/~r335314/Fallout-3/

Latest update (price delivered)
Game - £24.99 (in stock)
Gameplay - £16.99 (in stock) *****
Amazon - n/a
Gamestation - £24.99

If anyone wants it i have it for £16 delivered.

Excellent Game!
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