Fallout 3 (Game Of The Year Edition) XBOX 360 14.99 @Tesco Entertainment

Fallout 3 (Game Of The Year Edition) XBOX 360 14.99 @Tesco Entertainment

Found 26th Oct 2010Made hot 26th Oct 2010
Great Deal!
Free Delivery!
Includes all five the expansion packs:
Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta!


Not bad price for a game of the year edition i would have thought -9 degrees at the mo il see if i can put it back up a bit.

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yeah i have no idea why anyone would make it cold??? best price anywhere

Worst thing is some people vote cold without even giving a reason why?

thanks "kojo mojo" just ordered and have some heat for a great price

Amazing game, I paid launch price and bought all five DLCs and still won't grumble as I got more than my money's worth, if you haven't played it I would suggest giving it a go, hot from me.

Im 80 hours in and still havent had enough. This is my all time favourite game and I doubt it will ever be surpassed. I know people grumble about the graphics and they arent exactly a showcase for either console but they are solid and convey the atmosphere well. Anyone who hasnt played this, I highly recommend

Heat from me fallout FTW

I bought this the other day when amazon had it for £14.99, This is the 3rd time I have owned fallout 3 everytime I get rid I wish I hadn't , best game ever!! Just playing thru point lookout and zeta for the first time then it's all done.....hot

Heat added such a great game, so much bang for your buck here.

no ps3!

started this last week. absolutely loving it. highly recommended. great price

Hot stuff.

I bought this and hated it! I am a pop in, pop out player and admittedly that doesn't lend itself to this type of game.

All that said, this is a good price, which after all is what this site is about so have some heat.

I think DLC's are a con personally so to have them included in the price is a total bonus. Hot

Excellent price. If I didn't have too much to play already, I'd pick this up. I think I'll carry on with what I have, and hope this goes down just a smidge more.:)

I've owned this twice already but can never get in to it and I know it's a shame because it looks so awesome! Maybe one day if I'm Out of work I'll buy it to play solidly to get into it! Great price and heat added

I want to order one of these as a present but Tesco Entertainment send out a lot of marked open stock I have seen and heard. Can someone please confirm if sealed so I can order?

Heat added from me. I'm now playing new vegas though

if you have the original Fallout game the DLC will install to your hard drive, Asda pay 12 pounds for the GOTY edition meaning you get all the expansions for 3 quid!

excellent price, OP! ta.

Ordered, very hot deal!

I don't think anyone has mentioned Quidco yet... don't forget to add it!
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prices l;ike this remind me why im not rushing to buy new vegas!

i couldnt get into this either. i bought the lunchbox edition, sold the game inside, then when it was cheap rebought the standard game and sold the lunchbox set. also bought the GOTY and since all DLC is on disc 2, just stick it on your HDD and then sell it, its worthless then. just need the normal version, which i dont have but might get someday. i too couldnt get into it after leaving the vault. i tried to find collectables and kill things, but i just kept dying very early on, as i had ran out of ammo and didnt know where to find more.

Best game on the 360! Love it!

pretty sure i saw this in morrisons today for £10.


Thanks Kojo Mojo, this is an excellent price. We've featured this deal on Dealspwn, HUKD's gaming blog.
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