Fallout 3 GOTY edition - PC - Under £20 instore at Tesco.

Fallout 3 GOTY edition - PC - Under £20 instore at Tesco.

Found 18th Nov 2009
Ok, saw it in the PC chart, and as I've seen the individual DLC's going at £10 each, this has to be a barg, even if you've got the game already, it's cheaper to re-buy than to buy 3 DLC bits!

comes on 2 DVDs, Fallout 3, then the option to install all the DLC on the second disc.

Can't remember exact price but it was £19.mumblemumble. 85? 97? something like that.


Not in mine it wasn't, was there 1/2 hr ago and they had sod all of anything. Big store too. Great if you can get it.

All formats or just PC?

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Oh sorry, maybe they were just sold out, was in the PC chart for me, I picked mine up about a fortnight ago, but wasn't a member then!

Was in this morning and saw it again, figured time to let people know...

EDIT: added the fact that it's PC only, tho there's another hot deal to get the console versions for £25 if you search I think!
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