Fallout 3 (GOTY) + Fallout NV (Xbox 360) (PS3) - £25 @ The Hut
Fallout 3 (GOTY) + Fallout NV (Xbox 360) (PS3) - £25 @ The Hut

Fallout 3 (GOTY) + Fallout NV (Xbox 360) (PS3) - £25 @ The Hut

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Fall Out 3: Game of the Year Edition

Fall Out: New Vegas

Good lengthy games.


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As suspected it goes cold. Unsure why as you wont find either game for less than £12.50

Hot. BTW it's Fallout. Not Fall Out.

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Hot. BTW it's Fallout. Not Fall Out.

Thanks lol, I have both games sitting in front of me as well oO

i bought these two last week using MAY2 so £23, its expired now though. Sure there was another about for 2.50 off 25 quid though? Good either way

Hot!:p Hours and hours of game play in these two.
Only thing wrong with NewVegas in my opinion is when you finish the main quest its game over. Hope the DLC will change that when it comes.

im finding NV to be a bit of a chore compared to FO3

Yer im looking forward to the new DLC out in a few days but i honestly cant be asked to complete dead money and fallout is one of my favorite games afterall. But they have ruined it, Fallout new vegas maybe utilises about a quarter of the Mojave map its all based in the strip sooo meh

I think that's a little on the pricey-side tho. I've seen them cheaper sold separately. Saw GOTY once for £7
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im finding NV to be a bit of a chore compared to FO3

Really? How so?
Not played NV yet, waiting for the GOTY ver. to pop up.

NV definitely doesn't live up to FO3.

It's weird because the gameworld is meant to be more populated - more people, rebuilt cities and settlements etc.... In reality however, that manifests itself as more houses and shacks, but most being boarded up.

Fallout 3 you can explore everything and each building told a story - skeletons on a bed, a meal on the table, radio playing for example. In NV, similar buildings are just boarded up.

When you finally get to Vegas, few people have anything meanwhile to say (except fairly key quests) and throughout there are very few interesting, genuinely diverting side quests - most form part of the main quest, even if they dress up different.... where are the Vampires or quests like Tenpenny Tower (and the Ghouls) etc? NV has one or two similar (Tabitha for example) but I still found them underwhelming.... the whole Ski Lodge for example (you'll know what I mean if you've been or when you get there.)

Meh, perhaps I just loved FO3 too much.


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FO3 is amazing, haven't played NV yet.

This is a great deal. Played 80 Hours of FO3 and at least 70 on Vegas. In my view 2 of the best games ever made. FONV is weaker but still incredible. If you dont own either of these then £25 for the amount of hours entertainemt I have had is woth every penny!


LOVED FO3 GOTY!I think that's a little on the pricey-side tho. I've seen … LOVED FO3 GOTY!I think that's a little on the pricey-side tho. I've seen them cheaper sold separately. Saw GOTY once for £7

Does anyone now where the cheapest place is to get Fo3 GOTY on it's on?

Both games are awsome. Have to admit, im not a massive gamer, but ive sunk god knows how many hours in to both of these! I played NV first which i borrowed off a mate, enjoyed it so much i went and bought FO3 GOTY. Wish i had played them in the right order though. Just waiting fir NV GOTYto come out. Granted, it can be a bit buggy at times (esp NV) but as long as you save alot and dont trust the autosaves, you will be fine!

awesome game. love it.

Considering I sunk over 100 hours into Fallout 3, I'd say I'm a die hard fan.. For me, NV is ALMOST as good.. It's so nearly there.. I played NV through to completion in 25 hours first time round, because I was just desperate to get to the strip.. Inevitably, I had a corrupted gamesave, so I started again and it corrupted at 7 hours in.. I'm now 35 hours in, and I'm only just getting to the Strip.. I've enjoyed it SO much more this time by doing many more side quests and visiting lots and lots of other places before hammering through the main quest line.. I actually think NV has a lot more moral decisions than Fallout 3 did, and the repercussions are quite heavy for what you do..

All in, I've give NV a 9/10 - Not quite living up to the greatness of Fallout 3, but still a better game than 95% out there..

The only thing that ruins the game for me is the corrupted game saves, crashes on the loading screens, and missing artefacts.. Give you an example [SPOILERS], I'm 35 hours in, and just getting to the strip.. I can't get Power Armour Training because if I enter the Brotherhood Bunker, the game crashes.. I can't complete Veronica's companion quest, because the game crashes if I enter the shack with her terminal in it.. I can't complete the "I Put a Spell on You" quest at McCarran Airport because Curtis is glitched out of the game.. I can't recover Estaban's Body because it's glitched out of the game.. I have 3 or 4 more of these things that I can't do or complete because the sodding game is so buggy.. Don't get me wrong, it's still my most played game this year, but it's hella irritating that Bethesda let it go on release like this, and STILL haven;t fixed it 6 months later..

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Back On.
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