Fallout 3 in-store £10 ASDA
Fallout 3 in-store £10 ASDA

Fallout 3 in-store £10 ASDA

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my mate picked this up today for a tenner, 360 version. dunno if they are doing ps3 worth a look


Awesome game - nice price.

Any idea if this is nationwide or just one store?

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this was in the shipley, bradford store. I dont no about nationwide

if this is nationwide this is an amazing deal


this was in the shipley, bradford store. I dont no about nationwide

Ah no worries, i'll check out my local store in an hour or so and post if i manage to pick it up.

Great price, shame i don't have one locally

not in my local store in liverpool

probably a one off or your mate lied

in my local store london hounslow price mre then 30, I dont belive this price


Smells like BS to me

so much negativity........maybe he did just find it for a tenner, i found GTA 4 at morrisons on pc for £9.99 and sold it for £20 at cex, maybe it was a misprice

It was £18 I believe in mine. Reduced as part of the woolies stock thing which I was tempted at. Will check when I go back and see if its now £10

Checked in Watford yesturday but they didn't have this in stock.


can this be unexpired?


thanks, for unexpiring, I imagine that this is only available to this store. I didn't buy it myself as don't have an xbox360. Borrowed my friends, but he has already got, would say its a bargain. It was located on the front of the counter where they sell the cds/dvds/games from in the Shipley, Bradford branch, also had one copy reservoir dogs blue ray for £5

its bs martin!

I can send a picture to the mod? via email, not sure how to put up on here?

the shipley store phone number is 01274589399 if anyone wants to phone to check.

Great deal alcopop. This is one of the all time best games. I loved playing it, actually starting to play it a second time now with a much better graphics card.

At this price its practically giving it away for the amount of play time you get from it. I was at this the first time for a month, every night hehe

I have played/playing it on my friends xbox 360. not a bad game. Though I can't take the credit for finding this deal though. Also I think it is a store specific deal. quite often happens that way though. don't know if you noticed also the Rowan Atkinson DVD £6.00 in the picture as well. Sorry didn't get much better picture. But as you can see, it was pretty close to the till. was worried would look at bit odd taking pitures on my phone!

I found this in ASDA Farnborough at £20 a couple of weeks ago. Don't really like the game much though!
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