Fallout 3 New Vegas (PS3) £16.98 @ Amazon

Fallout 3 New Vegas (PS3) £16.98 @ Amazon

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Matching the price drop at other shops but only on the ps3 at present


Same at Game online plus 4% back with quidco and you get 170 game points (360 and PS3)

so just about £16.30 delivered after cashback


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good price for what is SO FAR a decent game (only done a few missions)

Holding off voting even though Fallout 3 was the best/worst game I've played....

Torn that Bethesda screwed everyone with Fallout 3 and it's buggy expansions and haven't even bothered to fix it and are still selling content that doesn't work while trying to flog New Vegas, which is also reportedly bug ridden but nothing game killing like Fallout 3.

Unprecedented plummet in price across the board for such a new and well TV advertised and anticipated game, along with Bethesda's atrocious record of bad coding and lack supporting their product rings alarm bells..

I just bought Fallout3 GOTY that Bethesda released to shops - if that is playable I'll vote hot!.

I'm a massive F3 fan. The problem I have with F:NV is the crashes that occurs, very choppy framerates (even grinding to a hault, then having to 'wait' to see if it has crashed or is loading scenery, towns etc). Also the graphics look outdated now.

They seem 'game-breaking'' problems (and perhaps are) - but the storyline, dialogue and side-quests (so many!) easily overweight the (numerous) buggy problems. Save often and you'll be hopefully fine playing NV!

A good game - well worth the punt! Good character development and choices. Has only froze on me once, apart from that i save often and it has been fine.

Don't buy it, it will consume your life!!!

The thing is Bethesda create BRILLIANT games (like Fallout 3) but then just ignore critical bugs that make the game literally unplayable. Fallout 3 is possibly the best game I've ever played, sheer genius, but there's a reason why it's available on eBay and in shops for £5.

They continue to sell expansion packs and GOTY editions that flatly have so many bugs that they just don't work. I would have thought this was illegal. The original game was buggy but not unplayable.

While continuing to sell uplayable buggy Fallout3 expansions with no fix for years, Bethesda launch a sequel that IMMEDIATELY is reported as buggy by fans and dropped in price at a ridiculous leve -this is a game advertised often on prime time TV and the sequel to a classic.

I hope players of Fallout 3 : New Vegas know what they're letting themselves in for...

What's so annoying is how brilliant Fallout 3 is and the absolute sh*tty way players of Fallout 3 have been treated by Bethesda who have an awful record of releasing games that just don't work.
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