Fallout 3 on PS3 £1 @ Asda
Fallout 3 on PS3 £1 @ Asda

Fallout 3 on PS3 £1 @ Asda

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Just Found Fallout 3 priced up for £1 in Asda Bournemouth.

Even went through the till at £1 aswell!


How many did they have left?

And you didnt empty the shelf?!?

Original Poster

There where 4 more available I didnt want to be greedy, i dont need more than one copy, plus this might not be just in bournemouth.

Pic ?

Won't be anywhere else will be a simple miss price.


Why on earth would they put it down to a quid? They'd sell them all out if they were a fiver or a tenner even. Must be great to be a huge retailer!

fancy treking back and picking me one up?! will pay postage?!

Another new poster with a PS3 game for a quid, just like the Need For Speed for £1 deal earlier:


I saw Fallout 3 for a tenner in a branch a few months ago when they started clearing out games but can't believe a quid.

Funny that they're all on the south coast as well. Will check an Asda tomorrow but not convinced. Massive instore reductions in games aren't national, they're down to manager's discretion according to a budget of cuts they can make.

must be a mistake, and VERY unlikely that any of us will find it for this price. not voting either way.

Good deal. I picked up TMNT PSP for £1 from Asda Feltham.

Seems different stores are clearing different old stock. :thumbsup:

Maybe they are making room for the game of the year edition that's supposed to be out soon?

like rock band and NFS its obviously a mis-price, good luck to those very few if any who do get these mis-price games, btw OP get back and pick the rest up lol


all games should be this price


all games should be this price


I've seen cheap games at ASDA but never anywere near a £1. Last deal I got there was Smallville S1 & 7 for £6.

Sounds like bull to me

must be store specific;

need for speed pro street scanned at £30 too i think (R.E the other person who posted the £1 nfs deal)


all games should be this price

i concur make it so. :thumbsup:

i dont think these prices are down to miss pricing.
from what i heard it is all to do with woolworths and virgin megastore going bump.
something to do with asda buying stock and the distrubuter going bump so they need to clear the stock as it cannot be sent back.
i recently picked up a load of ps3 games and blu rays, they were being reduced at the entertainment counter and it seemed like the lad there could put any price he wanted on the items. i pushed him to reduce most of it to a pleasing price but didnt get as low as £1 an item.

None at my local asda


Just picked up a copy of Fallout 3 & Prince Caspian for PS3 both at £1. Had to check with cashier as thought mispriced but till came up at this price. Asda LIving in Wrexham, there were other games at £1 for 360 & WIi but didnt have time to check as it was my lunch break
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