Fallout 3 (PS3) £12.95 @ ShopTo (£11.95 with voucher)

Fallout 3 (PS3) £12.95 @ ShopTo (£11.95 with voucher)

Found 22nd Nov 2009Made hot 22nd Nov 2009
Use the code that was posted on here a week or two ago for £1 off.


seems best price with the voucher for the standard game. Just bare in mind that gamestation are doing the GOTY edition for 19.99. this includes the 5 DLC packs, which are something like 7.99 each on PSN.

I am tempted to get this game but getting MW2 at xmas so may as well wait.

Available for £10 instore at Sainsburys - ]http//ww…rys

or £19.99 for the Game of the Year edition at Gamestation - ]http//ww…on-

I went for the Gamestation deal since that seems much better value.

i say go for the game of year edition for 19.99 at gamestation, for 7 quid more your getting 5 dlc add ons, which is a no brainer if your into this game.

I would whole heartedly recommend the GOTY edition, even if you don't plan on devoting your time to all the add on campaigns the GOTY edition has a level cap of 30 and some really nice perks like the ability to revive dogmeat if you accidently get him killed.

Having experienced the GOTY and teh standard editions of Fallout 3, I can recommend both, but you might consider the following:

1. The GOTY introduces some additional errors/bugs for some folks along with the additional content.
2. All of the DLCs are on all of the time, you can't choose to not have one involved. Of course, you can choose to just not do that questline (except for Broken Steel).

I think I would go for the Gamestation deal as well.
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