Fallout 3 Xbox 360 £24.99 in Morrisons
Fallout 3 Xbox 360 £24.99 in Morrisons

Fallout 3 Xbox 360 £24.99 in Morrisons

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Popped into my local Morrisons in Crowborough this afternoon and they still had Fallout 3 on the 360 for £24.99. Most likely other Morrisons will have it for the same price if it's in stock. I know it's not dirt cheap but it's not a bad price for a very good game. I couldn't see that anyone had posted this deal and no where else seems to be flogging it this cheap anymore.

gameplay = £27.98
shopto.co.uk = £29.99
game.co.uk = £44.99
gamestation.co.uk = £44.99



OK price but an exceptional game, in my top ten of all time!

I prefered the colourful oblivion, but good price and good game

i hated this game, way too slow for my liking but that's just my opinion. I returned it to cex after 2 days.

I had this for a week before i sold it..I really wanted to like it but i just didn't get into it. Am i missing something?

Doh, I bought this at gamestation the other day. £27.99. Good price for a great game. It's an odd game unless you played the earlier versions. I love it :-)

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I personally thought it was ok, it was IGN's game of the year last year.... Wasn't mine.... Game has allot of content if you can be bothered with all the side quests. Didn't realise this game was so unpopular amongst the general public, oh well, just though tit was the cheapest you could get it and might help someone...

One of the best games ever made ! 70 hours clocked up so far, not as complex as oblivion but far better storytelling, atmosphere, combat, graphics, sound etc etc If you have very little else to do with your time then this is the game for you !..................

I've bought it again off ebay for a second chance..might even keep it this time.
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