Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition Xbox One £69.99 Game

Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition Xbox One £69.99 Game

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Found 13th Oct 2017
This is in stock at Game. I realise this may go stone cold but I see these are still selling for more than this price on ebay.
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what happened to these being insanely rare?, been this price for ages though
TobiRIP10 m ago

what happened to these being insanely rare?, been this price for ages …what happened to these being insanely rare?, been this price for ages though

Completely agree. I fell into the lies from Bethesda. Received mine and was instantly disappointed by the cheapness.

It sat on a shelf for a while and I sold the box and pipboy off for around £60.

Don't really trust Bethesda and their collector stuff anymore.
Collector's editions aren't really that limited these days, they seem to often over supply for demand, probably because they make a significant profit on the cheap plastic crap they put in there.
I bought into the hype and pre ordered this before release, but it's so so poor. Really cheap and plasticcy and a massive waste of money. Even the foam phone inserts that were included weren't the correct sizes. Don't bother with this
Good price, not the greatest CEish.

Pre-owned £117
Have to agree with the other users here. Not only is the pipboy cheaply made. As soon as I opened it I noticed a red button on top of it thinking it was an actual button. Without much pressure I the false button caved in and the crappy cheaply made pipboy looked even worse.

I also feel like I was lied to by Bethesda. I remember they announced that the production was at it's limit and was unable to manufacture any more. Game then kept stock back to bundle with Xbox and PS4 consoles. Sure they pre order's sold out instantly. But once the game released these pipboy edition's magically came back into stock. Not only did they drop the price but they also can't seem to shift the stock.

Not worth the price in my opinion. Wouldn't even pay £30 for it. However, If you do want one. Hold of until around Christmas GAME always seem to discount special/collector's editions. Nearly every Christmas I always seem to pick up a collector's edition that was £100+ on release and they flog for like £30. I remember getting a Borderlands Clap Trap In a box edition for around £50 about 2 years ago. They where like £200+ on release.
Bethesda are up there with the likes of EA, Ubisoft they are nothing but parasites.
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