Fallout New Vegas (XBOX 360) £26.83 @ Amazon warehouse deals

Fallout New Vegas (XBOX 360) £26.83 @ Amazon warehouse deals

Found 22nd Oct 2010
Note: This price is only available under the Used Category.

Apologies but we have problems with that link at the moment.

The condition is stated as:

Medium cut / scratch on Cover Art. All purchases eligible for Amazon customer service and 30 day return policy.

But at that price I don't give a damn about cover art, they have more than 30 copies listed in this condition, and at this price.

UPDATE: as of 9.00am there are 5 copies left, hurry!




Well spotted, I have gone for this. Thanks very much!

where is it on their site. i cant find it? FOUND IT! DOH!
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Great deal, will pick this up early next year as I have loads to play at the moment but brilliant price for anyone wanting it now!

link please

found it also

click on "19 used and new" on the right hand side and it lists them.

Great price for a new release game.

Think I'll hold out on this one until it's below £20 though. There are too many other good titles on the horizon and Fallout games require a good couple of months of devoted time in my experience.

Wowsers! Thank you very much. This is going to expire QUICK as there were only 11 left.

I am defo going to keep my eye out for this "damaged" stock on release day for every new release from now on.

£26 for a game on release day is stunning. - I was going to pay £40 later today, I can think I can go without it for one weekend to save a third of the cost!

£24.85 delivered from simply games + 4% Quidco.


£24.85 delivered from simply games + 4% Quidco.

No it's not. It's £36.85.

Link: simplygames.com/inf…360

Just got myself a copy too - so there are 4 left now.

Thanks OP

Got a copy as well, thanks OP signed up to a free month of Prime so will be with me tomorrow for free:-)

Original Poster

let me know what kind of condition they're in, because I didn't get one myself, just curious lol

Just managed to bag the last copy of Medal of Honour for £28 as well from Warehouse deals. I think I have found a new fave place to check for cheaper games.... So double thanks

Got my copy this morning by Royal Mail Special Delivery, the damage was 6mm cut on the spindle, hardly noticable. My son was very happy to receive it.

same here, could hardly see the cut

Original Poster

NOOOOO! I lost my heatwave badge cos of this!

Anyway it was my pleasure finding this deal and I'm glad a lot of happy people came out of it

Fallout arrived yesterday - all sealed up but a slight cut on the spine which is hardly a problem.

The medal of honour I bought at the same time for warehouse deals was less impressive. It had been opened and the seal broken. It all works though so not too bad considering the price anyway.

Will keep my eyes out for other warehouse deals.. Thanks again OP.
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