Family four (2A/2C) tickets to Paradise Wildlife park AND Hotel stay from £21pp @ Virgin Exp/Travelodge using code

Family four (2A/2C) tickets to Paradise Wildlife park AND Hotel stay from £21pp @ Virgin Exp/Travelodge using code

Found 17th May 2017
If you're looking to take the kids out, this is a good price - various dates can be had for hotels - eg 15th Aug is £42 at London Edmonton TL which is only 8.6 miles away from Broxbourne itself or £49 at Cheshunt which is 4.4 miles away - Prices do vary but the earlier you book the better the prices

Book the Paradise offer on get deal link or use this link HERE and enter code HAVESOMEFUN15 at basket/checkout (Thanks JPS for the code)

Paradise Wildlife Park is Britain’s most interactive zoo and a great place for your family to enjoy a great day out. There are over 400 interesting creatures to visit, many wonderful animal shows to watch and entertaining displays to enjoy.

Paradise Wildlife Park has five adventure playgrounds to choose from, a spectacular paddling pool, mini golf course, a woodland railway and you’ll even find it has a museum to visit. This park has an amazing collection of the world’s most endangered species so there is certainly no shortage of attractions to see, things to do and facts to learn. There’s so much in fact, you’ll want to visit this special place again and again.
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Although it's a good deal, I'm kinda torn with this place. I went a few years ago, and although it's incredible to see such wild creatures in the flesh (snow leopards, white tigers, etc), I felt so guilty when I saw the lack of space they had. Granted, it's not half as bad as some zoos, but I just don't think some of these creatures should be kept in 100m x 50m cages when out in the wild they would likely roam for miles and miles every day. Unless there is some kind of breeding programme going on, although to my knowledge, that isn't the case.

I won't vote either way, but just make sure you really appreciate these animals if you do decide to visit!
The trouble is it is best to visit there on a sunny day. Most of the exhibits are out doors or you have to walk between each one to get to them.

Also the animals are not daft, if it is raining they stay hidden in their hut. There is a mini train that tours the park but does not stop at each exhibit.

It is very good exercise/workout walking all the way round. Just make sure you take spare batteries for your camera and a packed lunch and drink. There is a speedway museum as well there. Well worth a trip but better in the sun.
It is a fantastic place to visit and we go very regularly. There's easily enough here to keep young kids entertained for a whole day. But as mentioned despite the park and enclosures being well kept the pens are very small for the animals they house (the white tiger pen for instance is only slightly larger than my back garden), which as a spectator means your always up close and personal with the animals, but it does leave you feeling a little sorry for the animals. I suppose you have to balance the conservation benefit of housing and breeding these mostly endangered species vs the individual animals freedom.

If you want a guilt free animal experience, my favourite Zoo's are Whipsnade and Durrell, with Chester coming a close 2nd.
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