Family Free Range Eggs x15 now only £2.00 @ Sainsburys

Family Free Range Eggs x15 now only £2.00 @ Sainsburys

Found 30th Nov 2010Made hot 30th Nov 2010
Cheapest I found so far
These high quality eggs are produced on selected farms which operate to the high standards of the British Lion Code of Practice. All hens are vaccinated against Salmonella to ensure the safety of the eggs and the hens feed excludes artificial yolk colourants, antibiotics and growth promoters.

Class A.

Contains eggs of different sizes. Minimum net weight 785g.

Lion Mark


Bought these for the last couple of weeks, really good and fresh

Free range eggs are only 85p for 6 at Aldi and Lidl

small, med, lge ???

Well you say better than the asda deal (yes im coming from that) but the ASDA deal is for 12 LARGE free range eggs, this is a mixed box, which as I stated in that post we all know constitutes mainly of small eggs, a medium egg is as good as you will get in this, so the deals are in comparable :P

edit: and just to add this 'deal' is normally £2.50 anyway, so its not as much of a saving either
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Asda deal is £3 for 24 eggs (2 lots of 12) that's 12.5p per egg. This is the Church Farm Free range eggs and were available in Colchester. .....Sainsbury's is £2 for 15 eggs that's 13.33p per egg.

sainsburys 15 eggs for £2 british free range eggs
asda 30 eggs for £3 same packs
one pack for £2 or two packs for £3

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