Family Guy: Blue Harvest (A New Hope Episode IV): Special Edition - £13.99 @ HMV

Family Guy: Blue Harvest (A New Hope Episode IV): Special Edition - £13.99 @ HMV

Found 9th Nov 2007
Hmv steal?
Family Guy: Blue Harvest (A New Hope Episode IV): Special Edition - 13.99

This limited edition box set features the Family Guy Blue Harvest DVD along with a great bunch of bonus goodies, including: a pair of 3D glasses, a pack of trading cards, a 12-page booklet and a Family Guy Blue Harvest t-shirt.

Not to bad for £13.99, considering amazon and play have it priced around £20


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Sorry if i have done something wrong i am a newbie to this

Watch it for free here…99A (Please remove the link if it isn't allowed)

Its still a cheap price compared to everywhere else though so voted Hot


Not really a great deal, the dvd is only 40 odd minutes long and is the opening episode in the newest series.

I'm voting hot, this is quite good considering you get a t-shirt etc. Great present for fans of the series imo.

agree... I saw the episode which is great, so if I buy that, it's more for the goodies that the DVD itself..

Anybody got any HMV voucher codes working ?


Watch it for free … Watch it for free here (Please remove the link if it isn't allowed)

Maybe you could post this on the freebies board! :thumbsup: Keep them coming anyway! :whistling:

i agree its a fab deal im a huge family guy fan and i buy all the dvds...and the extras are priceless...well obviously not cos there 13.99 hah

Seen this episode about 5 times, very, very funny!

"Thanks for the sex, 90's printer!"

And Leia's getting laaaaaaaaaarger!

Good episode, I hope they don't **** around and NOT put this on the next full season DVD or something. Although as it's stopping in the US on Sunday until the writer's strike is over, that might be a while yet!

anyone know when they take payment when u pre-order??

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anyone know when they take payment when u pre-order??

On shipping

will this be in the season 7 boxset anyway?

'Im taking this couch'


thanks everyone...

ordered this...wish it would be available b4 crimbo but will enjoy this all the same...rep for the OP and heat.....

Hey guys, this is an awesome deal if you think about it. I love the shows (got em all so I gotta get it really lol) it is the opening 2 episodes in season 7 in answer to your question though Big Toe. £13.99 is what youd pay for a t-shirt alone so grab it whilst you can in my opinion. Anyone got any voucher codes that will work with a preorder? and can you choose the size t-shirt you recieve?


will this be in the season 7 boxset anyway?

nope, they never included the movie did they? thats was 3 eps stuck together.

this is the only way to get it, and it is a great price - i found this a few days ago, but i never post here now as sometimes they can be misprices, then you dont get it. since play are selling for £23.99, im not sure if the HMV price is correct, considering the extras.

is there any way to know what size tshirt you will get with the package folks?


Terrible money making exercise for one episode from a series!

I just got an email telling me they'd cancelled it! They musn't like the 13.99 price

yeah also had the email so sent a slagging one back.

next best price is 17.99 at play.

I had a mail saying they had cancelled it as it was sold out. I wrote back informing them that it was a pre-order and had not yet been released and was still for sale on their site. I also said I still wanted it and at the original price of £13.99 and not the new £17.99.

They replied confirming that it had been cancelled 'in error' and that the order had been un-cancelled and they would honour the original price.

Genuine mistake or did they realise they under-priced it? Not the first issue I've had with HMV.
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