Family Guy: Season 6 - £10.99 @ ChoicesUK

Family Guy: Season 6 - £10.99 @ ChoicesUK

Found 25th Aug 2008
Next best is £14.99 at CD-WOW and £15 at Woolworths.

Critics agree... of all the animated shows featuring a talking dog and a maniacal baby, Family Guy is certainly one of them!

Join the Griffin clan for another 16 freakin' funny episodes that'll keep you laughing long after the final credits. Witness panicky Peters first prostate exam; see lovable Lois jump into bed with Bill Clinton; watch miserable Meg get a crappy job at the local superstore; hear crazy Chris sing in a goth band; follow boozing Brian all the way to Iraq and back; and get a rare glimpse of smitten Stewie as he hooks up with a very young old flame. Sweet!
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Shame, not in stock
Hot I guess, but it was a tenner a while back at HMV

Hot I guess, but it was a tenner a while back at HMV

But it isn't now.
Great deal if you can get it - the funniest series yet. Paid £14.50 for mine (new) from eBay and worth every penny
only one i need to complete all 6, will no doubt go back to £9.99 soon, will wait till then.
Got mine for £9.99 @ HMV last time, if you can wait, plus Quidco on top, so £8.99 or do. ;-)
I absolutely love Family Guy, its the funniest animation around. Simpsons ain't a patch on this. Great price tho I might wait until its goes back down to a tenner in HMV. We all know it will.

Hot deal if you are in need of this right now :-) xx
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