Family Guy Season 8 - £10.93 at The Hut or £9.75 with Walkers Code

Family Guy Season 8 - £10.93 at The Hut or £9.75 with Walkers Code

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Emmy©-nominated Family Guy is back, and more offensive than ever. Season 8 on DVD features extended episodes that were just too rude for TV!

In this season, the Griffin clan gets into twisted trouble when Peter is injected with a 'gay gene' as part of a scientific experiment, Lois lands a job at Fox News, Stewie builds a time machine, and Brian travels back to Poland, 1939, and gets caught up in the Nazi invasion

Seems like a good deal to me! Quidco & Topcashback?

Move quick - Zavvi have already put price back up!


Good deal. Bought it a year ago full price.

works out at £9.51 with walkers code and quido ....BARGAIN!!

The later seasons are utter garbage ... price is hot but the product itself is cold

My sons only missing season 2 & 8. Thanks Op

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Forgot about the walkers code - added it to title.

Noticed Zavvi have already put the price back up!
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