Family Guy - Seasons 1-14 (DVD) £26.99 Delivered (Using Code) @ Zavvi

Family Guy - Seasons 1-14 (DVD) £26.99 Delivered (Using Code) @ Zavvi

Found 16th Feb 2017
Code: CLEAR10

Get in on the twisted fun and watch all 14 seasons of Family Guy! Join dim-witted (but big–hearted) Peter, his adoring wife Lois, silly siblings Chris and Meg, genius baby brother Stewie (the maniacal 1-year-old bent on world domination), and of course, Brian the dog-perhaps the only sane member of the family, even though he licks himself.
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When there's a good price on a family guy boxset
Please allow me to share my favourite moment too.
Ok, ok. Here's mine.
Fantastic find! Buying this
One day I will buy this, and keep it wrapped forever

Ok, ok. Here's mine.

...The mind of BuzzDuraband.

...The mind of BuzzDuraband.

You already had a turn. Don't get gif greedy.
Mmmm, mmmm
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who watches dvd these days
It's always on telly
I'd recommend VLC player for the first few seasons and set them as no disc menus as there isn't a play all button on the first few seasons!

who watches dvd these days

Me. I buy DVDs more than games nowadays.
Not blu ray? cold.
Damm it....should stop looking on this site, costing me dearly.

Thanks for posting

Probably seen them all on TV already, twice over however be nice for future reference.

Does anyone know if they are all same aspect ratio or different per series ?

Please allow me to share my favourite moment too.

That's the most absurd and hilarious part of that episode. Nothings topped the Meg-bashing since cause it's like "Maybe I haven't treated Meg too well" and the last flashback is him just shooting Meg for no reason.

Seasons 1-6 are good-great, anything past that is kinda tiresome. }:
nice. thanks
It's been 7 days since I ordered this and Zavvi have still not dispatched my order. Terrible company.
9 days since i ordered, status is ' Awaiting Stock Pick' !!!
Has anyone received their order ? It's been 2 weeks and still not dispatched. Terrible company...never again.
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