Family of 4, overnight stay with breakfast & choice of 3 attractions £149 @ StayPlayExplore

Family of 4, overnight stay with breakfast & choice of 3 attractions £149 @ StayPlayExplore

Found 13th Feb 2018
Great value for half term.
choice of hotels & choice of 3 out of 10 attractions to use anytime.
Good value considering twycross zoo is £60 for a day pass for a family of 4.
Can recommend Hinckley Island Hotel, great restaurants and swimming for kids
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That's pretty decent that. Nice spot @chelstar21
Thanks for sharing @chelstar21.

I've not come across StayPlayExplore before, but looks really nice!

Shall do some more reading tonight, cheers
sounds tempting
anything nearer scotland lol
We had a wonderful time doing this a few years ago when our kids were 7 and 4. We used the Hinkley Island hotel which was conveniently located - a business hotel that is quite deserted on a weekend. The breakfast was very good. On one day we visited Twinlakes which was surprisingly good, not Alton Towers but has plenty of good activities for younger kids and no queues. The second day we did the Space Centre which was also good fun. Overall brilliant value for a lovely very memorable weekend.
Are they all in Leicestershire?
Can recommend this as well, did it for 3 consecutive years. The Hinckley Island hotel is the best one we thought, Twycross Zoo is very good and Conkers was fun as well (although better for slightly older kids - ours were 5 and 7 when we went but probably aim for a couple of years older). Twinlakes is awesome for young kids but probably a 45 minute drive from the hotel.
Also we paid for extra nights in the hotel, I think it was about £80 per night.
How does it work with one parent and one child
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