Family PC with 320 GB Hard Drive + Windows Vista +++ ONLY £299!!! (was £399) from Sat 26 May

Family PC with 320 GB Hard Drive + Windows Vista +++ ONLY £299!!! (was £399) from Sat 26 May

Found 18th May 2007
From Saturday 26.5.07

Family PC
* AMD Athlon 64 3500+
* 320GB SATA hard drive with 7200rpm
* nVIDIA graphic machine nForce 6100 (128MB shared memory)
* RAM: 1,024MB DDRII memory
* Superfast DVD burner, writes DVD ±R/RW, dual layer +R, CD-R/RW, reads 16x DVD-Rom, 40x CD-Rom
* Corded keyboard and mouse
* 6 in 1 card reader
* Huge OEM software package with the latest Microsoft Vista Basic Home Edition
* Supplied with mains adaptor, EasyInstall CD, instructions and more
* Free 3 year manufacturer's warranty
* Price per item
* was £399
* *compared to last year

Only available while stocks last


A Wicked Deal - Bought One.

This does indeed look an excellent deal for the money and I am very tempted.

Just note though that this comes with Vista Home Basic which, as the name implies, is the lowest level of Vista.

This may not be a problem for most people, but note it does NOT come with the fancy "aero" graphics interface that has been one of the features MS have been touting for Vista.

Here is a useful chart which shows you what is in the different versions of Vista.…asp

i'm pretty sure this is the fella ]here as it seems it agrees with the aldi spec ]here

though it does disagree in that this one has Gigabit lan and an 8-in-1 reader rather than 10/100 lan and a 6-in-1 reader. Of course if it does have the former it's a better deal.

not having a go at the OP but this, in todays cuthroat market place, is reasonable price for spec but certainly not the best we've seen here recently

EDIT: pics ]here for this (front and back)

if it is 150 maybe just maybe i will think to buy it


if it is 150 maybe just maybe i will think to buy it

i think that would be optimistic but certainly a good deal if you could get it. just looking at like for like on components (using the actual ones they have used where you can and around the cheapest where they are generic) brings it out around the money they want for it but you'd have the hassle of buying and building and wouldnt get the same 3 year flattened warranty across all the components

These are the components used
Midi ATX Chassis (NO PSU, No FAN) (£10)
Asus M2N-MX Socket AM2 Mobo (£43)
AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Socket 939 OEM Processor (£30)
Arctic Cooling Super Silent Cooler (£6)
Windows Vista Home Basic OEM (£55)
Microsoft Works v8.5 OEM (£10)
Nero 7 Essentials Suite OEM (£2)
Cyberlink PowerDVD OEM (£4)
CA Anti-Virus 2007 OEM (£4)
1024 MByte DDR II-RAM 667 (£30)
WD 320gb Sata II 7200rpm With 8mb Buffer (£48 )
Philips 18x Dual Layer Multi Format Internal DVD ReWriter Vista Compliant (£22)
8-in-1 media card reader internal (£8 )
Chicony PS/2 - Keyboard (£4)
Logitech PS/2 Scrollmouse (£4)
350W PSU with SATA (£9)
3 Year Warranty (£25)

Crap site how do you work it lol


Crap site how do you work it lol

it's just literally that ade2j on the lidl further info than the pic and basic spec. Try the links i posted above for further detail

I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole, not when this deal is available from Dell for £298. Slightly lower spec on the PC but it includes a 19" TFT monitor.
AMD processors don't seem to be doing very well in benchmarks compared to the Core 2 Duo in the Dell PC.


I know Dell are [COLOR=Red]NOT[/COLOR] the world's best for support, but what do you think Aldi are going to be like?

When Dell are offering PCs like this for £298 there really is no point going anywhere else.


I know Dell are the world's best for support.

did you mean you know they aren't the worlds best

:oops: LOL: Of course I meant they're NOT the world's best


HotA Wicked Deal - Bought One.

You mad fool!


Don't think I'd buy any PC that only had Vista Basic on it... Just my personal opinion of course...

Very well made PCs these, far more robust than Dells..(I have a Dell and a friend has a Lidl Targa. Wish I'd bought the Targa!)

With regards to the warranty, they have a helpline much like Dell and they try to sort out the probs over the phone. If that doesn't work they send an Engineer out.

Dell, on t'other hand wanted my machine returned when it broke so I was without it for over a week.

Alternatively, you can take the PC back to the store where you bought it and they refund you in full. Possibly an attractive option if the machine fails in two and a half years from now..
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