Family Swim Centre  Half Price £12.49 was £24.99 @Argos

Family Swim Centre Half Price £12.49 was £24.99 @Argos

Found 21st May 2008Made hot 21st May 2008
Just right for the Kids this bankholiday....

3 air chambers each with double valve intake and free-flow exhaust valve.

Drainage plug and puncture repair patch included.

Size (L)310, (W)188, (D)59cm.

Water capacity 1302 litres.

For ages 6 years and over.


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Nice one, may buy this for my little sister. Is this available instore?

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Can be reserved for store pick up, subject to stock



Yep!Can be reserved for store pick up, subject to stock

ok cheers

"Family swim centre" lol. I remember the days when we used to call these things plain old paddling pools.

We have had one of these for a couple of years, they are a good size. We bought a cover for it last year for about £8......sorry cant remember where, we usually have ours up for the whole 6 weeks holiday, using the treatment packs from Co-op or B&Q, no filter with them but to be honest a good fine mesh net on a pole is just as good!


But 1302 litres to fill - that's 1.3 x an IBC!!!

Over 2 hours to fill at 10ltr/min

I think I would check how fast my tap runs before buying this.

We have one of these and it's perfect for a 6 and 8 year old. At this price it's an absolute bargain. Heat and Rep added. I think the capacity is misleading because nobody would fill these to the top. We fill about 3/4 with low to medium water pressure and it takes under an hour!

Have ordered one as a this price they are almost disposable if it wasn't for the landfill issues!


What sort of Pump does this use? i asked the lady in argos and she replied "The pump that needs is 19.99" are there any cheap pumps for this?

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Foot pump should do it.

Or take it to the local garage...FREE AIR. LOL.



Foot pump should do it.Or take it to the local garage...FREE AIR. LOL.

Thats cool if an ordinary foot pump will do. And Lol i might even take it to the garage anyway now you mention it :-D

you're the sort of guy that will post anything! haha. nice find.
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