Family Trainer (with Family Trainer Mat Controller) Nintendo Wii £29.99 + Free Delivery @ Play
Family Trainer (with Family Trainer Mat Controller) Nintendo Wii £29.99 + Free Delivery @ Play

Family Trainer (with Family Trainer Mat Controller) Nintendo Wii £29.99 + Free Delivery @ Play

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Family Trainer lets all the family and friends get physical by engaging the whole body in a variety of easy-to-understand, fast-paced and wildly entertaining activities. The game includes the specially designed Family Trainer Mat Controller which, when combined with the Wii Remote, lets players get totally physical in a series of crazed challenges. Unlike other games for the Wii which only focus on the arms, Family Trainer gets the feet involved too for total body gameplay. Simple controls and intuitive play make the game easy to just pick up and play, and lets players of any age get involved, get physical and have maximum fun.
Total body gameplay: Using a specially designed Family Trainer Mat (included with the game) and the Nintendo Wii Remote, Family Trainer's gameplay gets your whole body moving.
Intuitive and fun: Simple controls and fun presentations means that anyone of any age can get involved and have fun.
16 frantic single and multiplayer challenges: Outdoor challenges are amusingly interpreted for the world of Family Trainer, such as river rafting, mine karting, log jumping, rope skipping and much more. The player can also customise challenges to suit their own style of play.
Variety of locations: Activities take place in a variety of colourful environments including jungle forests full of ancient ruins, and a fairytale world with canoes and boats.
Fun for one player: Track your progress and set new records for friends and family to beat. High scores and records are saved in a ranking format for each stage in single-player mode.
Multiplayer on one mat: Challenge friends or family members on the same mat in battle mode, or cooperate together in team mode, for example trying to balance a runaway mine kart as it hurtles round a gravity defying track. Players can also check their compatibility with each other to know if they've got the right partner to beat the challenges.
Supports Mii characters: Use your original Mii character in the game.


Really interested in the game can anyone confirm that its great for a 5/7 yr old and mum !!

Yes really great game
(They usually go from £15 (used) on Ebay)

nice price havent seen it cheaper then 35 pounds

alot of reviews i read slated this ..but i bought it at full price £40 plus i think and its really fun...a good family night in game.


alot of reviews i read slated this ..

Any of these reviews done by kids?
Saw this post and watched the trailer... my two 5 year olds would go mad for it if they watched it too. Sholud keep em busy.

Hot deal.
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