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Choose a free memorable 'gold' mobile number when signing up with Your Family Mobile - £10
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Posted 14th May 2015Posted 14th May 2015
Choose a free memorable 'gold' mobile number when signing up with Your Family Mobile - £10£10
I wanted to get a new mobile number and with this company which is part of IKEA, you can choose a memorable 'gold number' free when signing up (minimum £10 credit required). Cheap… Read more
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There is also a search, but no triples, you can find some with two pair, or containing 1234 or 4321 ... kicking myself... lost a triple 0 when I let it expire on an old sim


07942819056 - I'm not sure I see anything special about that number. However I've just seen that you can just F5 (refresh) on the page once it displays the number and cycle through till you find one you like. Just done it 20odd times and nothing particularly special I saw.


Seems like a good idea with reasonable prices but no 'gold' numbers. Not even close.


where else can you get a gold number ?


I'm sure that I read it somewhere, and after loading my sim card this morning my phone is currently displaying IKEA where it usually says Vodafone.

Family Mobile (aka IKEA mobile) Reliably Low Cost - calls 8p per min, 4p per text,
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Posted 10th Jan 2012Posted 10th Jan 2012
Family Mobile (aka IKEA mobile) Reliably Low Cost - calls 8p per min, 4p per text,
This has been posted before but I feel it is worth a mention/re post. Family Mobile offers simple and reliable service at a consistent price. I've been a user for a few years now… Read more

icardmobile are on Vodafone


Talkmobile essentials tariff 8p per minute 4p per text and half price for calls/texts to other talkmobile customers. and $5 quidco cashback.


Tesco Lite Tariff 8p per minute 4p per text ( use 02 network) with UK customer services,yes real people you actually talk to, no waiting days for "online agents" to email you back as with a certain other provider :)


yes they charge 4p for the balance and if you do not make a chargable call in a certain time they cut you off.piggyback tmobile.


Thats quite a good deal..... any idea what network they piggyback on to ?

Free Ikea Family Mobile Sim card with free choice of a 'GOLD' number and 30% extra credit on first £10 min topup
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Posted 22nd Oct 2009Posted 22nd Oct 2009
Free Ikea Family Mobile Sim card with free choice of a 'GOLD' number and 30% extra credit on first £10 min topup£10
Just need to buy an initial minimum of £10 credit (which becomes £13 with the promo code, and possibly another £3 which is already on the sim, making it £16 credit). Plus you get £… Read more

The tesco value tariff is pretty good, 8p per minute,4p per text , 0800 and 0845 numbers included, billing in seconds too so nasty rounding up to the next minute like some big networks


ikea mobile is cheaper than asda if you go to asda mobile phone charges page numbers 0845 0870 0844 asda charges between 30 to 40 pence a minute. ikea charges 12 a minute to these numbers.


I had 07 5500 12301 in mine, decided not to bother though :)


I went ahead and ordered one and got a cracking number: 07-ww-xx-yy-zz-x :)


thanks ! :thumbsup:

ikea family mobile free sim with £3 free credit, auto top up and they add £2 extra
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Posted 6th Jun 2009Posted 6th Jun 2009
ikea family mobile free sim with £3 free credit, auto top up and they add £2 extra
was around a while ago and back on until 15th June did search but could only see an old one from over a month ago which was expired Onl… Read more

cant believe this is only 17% :)


Thanks for this :)

£15 credit for £10 with Family Mobile Sim card. Calls cost 9p/min. Texts 6p
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Posted 15th May 2009Posted 15th May 2009
£15 credit for £10 with Family Mobile Sim card. Calls cost 9p/min. Texts 6p£10
There was a better deal last month but it has expired. This is the latest deal, still not bad considering the cost of calls. Another option is an Asda sim, which is priced at 8p/m… Read more

hi when i got my sim card from family mobile pay 10 pound get 20 pound call time satisfied with the service.


Not quite as cheap as Asda but a good alternative, data is alot more expensive and international calls are far more expensive ASDA: Price Plan 8p per minute 4p per text Same low cost to any UK mobile or standard fixed line phone, anytime 20p per MB to surf the internet 20p per minute to call any other country from the UK IKEA: UK Price sheet Customer prices - UK Comment Price Carrier services Voice to UK networks Per minute 9 p Voice to non UK networks See sperate sheet Minimum charge voice Less than 1 minute 9 p Text messages to UK networks Per text 6 p Text to non UK networks Per Text 16 p Calls to Voicemail Per minute 9 p Calls to 0800 or 0500 Per minute 9 p Calls to 0845 Per minute 9 p Calls to 0870 Per minute 12 p Calls to 0844 Per minute 12 p MMS Per MMS 23 p WAP GSM per minute 9 p GPRS/3G data Per Mbyte 80 p Video calls Currently not supported - Other services Call transfer To a UK number per minute 9 p Call transfer to voicemail To 222 0 p WEB text messages Per text 6 p A-number service Subscription 0 p Call Waiting Subscription 0 p Automatic top-up Subscription 0 p Text top-up Subscription 0 p Family Budget Subscription 0 p Refund of balance Administration Fee £ 5 Text balance Per request 6 p


Makes a change from T-Mobile! I'm waiting for my T-Mobile contract to expire before I start using my family mobile sim. T-Mobile routinely overcharge me by £40 ish and it takes for ever to get through to their helpline and then they have no authority to do anything. I hate T-Mobile and can't wait to get rid!


Been using Ikea/Family mobile now for a few months. Good customer service, (3 calls all answered within 4 rings).

Free Ikea Family Mobile SIM + £5 free credit
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Posted 9th Apr 2009Posted 9th Apr 2009
Free Ikea Family Mobile SIM + £5 free credit
I just received an email from them with the offer. It seems to be great deal - basically you get £5 credit on your free SIM and great call rates - 9p for calls and 6p for text. Go … Read more

I've just logged on after seeing this in Martins Weekly email. Got my free sim and they must have fixed the secure issue as the link now shows even if you go to the old link it forwards to the secure site. Ordered mine


Thanks a lot! I will wait for your experience. I normally use firefox. I just tried IE7 and no difference.


I ordered one of these for my parents, but I'm not going up to theirs until tomorrow or I could repeat the process lol :) Just keep looking, the site would only work properly when in IE8 in "compatability mode" basically IE7. So you might want to try that if you aren't using IE7/8 already. I'm pretty sure entering the sim number into your family mobile account is what turns the sim into "Sim Error/Sim not registered etc" to IKEA or FAMILY MOBILE as your network.


thanks. but still cannot find "activate sim" or "add sim" card wizard. Only 'manage servises' and 'add family member' :( at this stage, I don't need to insert the card into my phone, right? I actually did this and it was shown 'Sim Card Error'


Log into familymobile under my account, somewhere iirc is a "activate sim" or "add sim" card wizard, it's still an new site so some bugs about i think. In that wizard will ask for the sim number etc, once added within 2hours your £5 credit will appear.

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Free £10 credit when you sign up with Family Mobile
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Posted 18th Dec 2008Posted 18th Dec 2008
Free £10 credit when you sign up with Family Mobile£10
Here we go. Details are: The £10 bonus credit is given to new sign up. The sim card is free £10 credit is needed to activate the card. So £10 gets you a sim with £20 credit and c… Read more

CHEERS! got a super dooper number


thanks oredered one for my mother you also get 10 pounds credit for every one who buys one and quotes your mobile number ps the system runs on t mobile network, so a really good deal i think :-D


I signed up to this the other day, and for my husband too. Both got really good gold numbers which we are going to port to our existing tmobile contracts when we use up the credit.

£20 airtime for £10  - AND 9p per minute calls and 6p texts
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Posted 1st Oct 2008Posted 1st Oct 2008
£20 airtime for £10 - AND 9p per minute calls and 6p texts£10
Special offer at the moment - £20 credit for £10. Cheap calls too. 9p per minute for calls and 6p a text. By switching to Family Mobile you pay £10 for the start pack and get £… Read more

I had no idea Asda where sooooo cheap! Wish I wasn't on a contract now. I'm with T Mobile Flext, calls are 20p!!!!!!! I vote this cold based on Asda's prices.


Was thinking about this a few days ago. Get the memorable number, hope for the £20 [which makes this work out cheaper than ASDA] then port the memorable number over to an ASDA card for cheap PayG goodness. Thing is, I'm thinking I prefer to have the O2 simplicity contract at a monthly £20...memorable number on this could be really useful in the long term.


To Mr. Scoob65: If you waited 10 days + 1 weeks + 4 weeks + 2 weeks then you managed to buy your SIM before they launched in the UK :) NB. I bought a SIM a week after they launched. It's 6 weeks ago now. Good service in my area. Think it's T-Mobile's network. Called their Customer Care twice. Answered the phone within 30 sec's every time and were very helpful. I guess the tech is quite standard. I vote HOT.


Got my 2 sims within 48 hours:oops: luck of the draw:whistling:


Family mobile are a shambles! I ordered a sim 6 weeks ago but after 10 days no sim so i phoned up and cancelled and they said they would refund my £10. another week but no refund so called again and promised refund. After a month no refund but then a sim turns up in the post! I call them and they say return sim and i'll get a refund. 2 weeks after returning sim still no refund! Stay away from these guys!!!

Free PAYG 'Ikea'  Family Mobile Sim - Landline/Mobile Calls 9p Per Minuite & Texts 6p Each
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Posted 8th Aug 2008Posted 8th Aug 2008
Free PAYG 'Ikea' Family Mobile Sim - Landline/Mobile Calls 9p Per Minuite & Texts 6p Each
IKEA have launched Family Mobile. Full details are available on their site but basically It's a FREE PAYG Sim card with Low call rates. 9p per minute for landline/mobile calls, and… Read more

Talk Mobile is only 50p per 10 Meg but calls are more expensive. See below for rates for payg




just order one and choose a nice no. thanks


is there no a way off getting a sim without putting in your card details?


will this sim work in my phone locked to t-mobile?