Fan Heater 2kw for £9.99 @ Maplin (Free C&C + Possible £5 Voucher)

Fan Heater 2kw for £9.99 @ Maplin (Free C&C + Possible £5 Voucher)

Found 2nd Dec 2017Edited by:"idontflycathay"
Keep warm with this nice compact heater. Spend 1p more with free C&C and get a £5 voucher reward. See below for possible addons.

• A small compact 2kW heater which is perfect for heating small rooms and offices
• Easy to use dials to adjust the temperature and fan speed
• Fan assisted heater to warm up your room more quickly and prevent overheating
• Safety features include overheat protection and tip-over protection to stop the heater burning out or causing a fire

What’s special about this heater?
This heater has a maximum output of 2000W which can be adjusted through the thermostat. The heater has built-in manual controls which allow you to turn the power on or off, set the heat output and control the fan speed.

What additional features does this heater have
The built-in fan assists this heater to spread its warmth around the room without overheating. Built-in overheat protection prevents the heater from burning out, and a tip-over switch automatically switches the heater off if it is knocked over to prevent the heater from doing damage to any fixtures or fittings in your room.

5p items
Two Pole Push-Button Switch
33F 10V Tantalum Bead Capacitor
950nm Photodiode
33F 10V Tantalum Bead Capacitor

9p items
Individually Screened AV SCART Cable (priced per metre)
Multilayer Metallised Polyester Film 22nF Capacitor
Spare Filters for Portable Nebuliser 5-Pack
BZX79C 4V3 0.11A Zener Diode
BZX85C 10V 130mA Zener Diode
BZX85C 30V 43mA Zener Diode
BZX85C 13V 100mA Zener Diode
Multilayer Metallised Polyester Film 4.7nF Capacitor
1N4004S 1A Silicon Rectifier
3 10 per Month Rolling Contract
Wima Polypropylene Film and Foil 100V 4700pF Capacitor
1N5406 3A Silicon Rectifier
1N5818 1A Schottky Barrier Rectifier
Self Adhesive Pads

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HOT.. in more ways than one! :-)…oks

similar product £7.75 inc vat free delivery at cpc

Never received my voucher for last 50gbp spend two months ago
According to T&Cs for this promotion...
"The voucher will be issued in store on payment or collection of the product ordered."…ons
Edited by: "idontflycathay" 2nd Dec 2017
I just been and picked this one up and I was given £5 gift card to spend on anything from tomorrow ,but you have to buy something over £5.01p in order to use the gift gard thats what I was told by the staff.....
How many years warranty?
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