Fancy dress wigs @ Argos from £2.49!

Fancy dress wigs @ Argos from £2.49!

Found 18th Oct 2008
seeing as halloween is less than 2 weeks away thought this might help someone with their costume!
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quidco for home deliveries 1.5%
Out of stock everywhere by me
Is it shemale on the pix? :]
Just reserved the blonde bob one! Gonna give hubbie a suprise and hope blondes have more fun ;-):oops:
No stock in Maidstone and home delivery seems rather expensive so a non-sale.
if there's stock near me this is a good deal, got a fancy dress next week
dame, out of stock...
They've got the purple one (in the picci) at Chatham, have just reserved one for the sil.
just reserved the purple one at the ipswich branch
1 wig out of the three chepest ones that is in stock but at a store that is a good way a way from here
All out of stock in Belfast Shame I was hoping 2 go blonde! hehehe
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