Fanny Wang 3001 Black Over-Ear Active Noise Cancelling Luxury Headphones £99.95 @ Ebay/Morgancomputers

Fanny Wang 3001 Black Over-Ear Active Noise Cancelling Luxury Headphones £99.95 @ Ebay/Morgancomputers

Found 6th Oct 2013
Ebay link:…578 (Buy at ebay, it works out cheaper).

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Channel 5's Gadget Show Rated 5/5 compared to Dr Dre Beats & Sennheiser MM 550-X Headphones!

Fanny Wang's 3000 Series Over-Ear Noise Canceling headphones are uniquely designed to enhance your musical experience while eliminating any distractions. Close your eyes for just a moment and let your iTunes take you to concerts all over the world, without the crowd. These headphones are specifically engineered to actively eliminate over 95% of ambient noise!!!

Active Noise-Cancelling Feature

In order to deliver this superior sound quality, two microphones measure noise levels from inside the ear cup, while an additional two microphones measuring the level of ambient noise. Using this measurement generates a canceling signal, which effectively attenuates any interfering noise. This then delivers the effect of listening to your music in complete isolation.

Built-In Amp with Pass-Through Circuit

A built-in solid state amplifier helps the 3000 Series headphones deliver amazing sound from any source--even low-power sources such as laptops and MP3 players. Pass-through circuitry allows the headphones to operate even with dead batteries, so they can be used like normal headphones. The built-in Bass boost switch offers 6dB of rich, bone-shaking bass, to complement anything from urban hip hop to light rock.

Duo Jack Included

Fanny Wang set themselves apart from other headphone brands, seen in superior sound quality and attention to detail. With every pair of Fanny Wang Headphones comes a Duo Jack in-line splitter, allowing you to share your music with a friend without any loss of clarity. The Duo Jack is just one example of Fanny Wang's exceptional eye for detail.

Apple Remote

Fanny Wang's integrated Apple remote means the 3000 Series is iPhone ready with remote music and mic controls. Use the 3000 Series with your iPod, iPad, or iPhone.

Carrying Case Included

A rigid foam carrying case is included to protect your 3000 Series headphones during transport.

What's in the Box?

Fanny Wang 3000 Series Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones, standard conversion plug, two AAA batteries, conversion plug for aircraft use.

4 way active noise cancelling up to 20dB
Powered amp + 50mm dual plated drivers deliver the cleanest sound reproduction in its class.
Integrated Duo Jack (in-line cable splitter) that lets you add friends
iPhone, iPad and iPod ready with remote and mic
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Hot, if only for the name!
£97.02 on amazon
Not sure I'd feel comfortable with fanny on my head in public
not beats COOOOOOLD

not beats COOOOOOLD


not beats COOOOOOLD

best comment ever
Doubles up as a muff
Must.... resist.... bad... joke...
Freddie Wong's 385 is best with half chips and rice

Must.... resist.... bad... joke...

Snach them while they're hot, don't beat about the bush.........................
reminds me of my thai hoiday... couldn't hear a thing when she sat on my CENSORED!
these smell funny when they get dirty
new meaning in ear muffs!! hot
Not a bad deal but I would go for a pair of Kuntz personally.
Finally the day has arrived when not even a risque, amusingly puerile product name can ensure that product's hotness.
If anyone is serious about these headphones (highly doubt it) even cheaper on amazon now

Sold by bentham Ltd…001

Edited by: "jayjay266" 9th Oct 2013
Good deal this. Normally £250 + HEAT ADDED.

These are basically DRE BEATS, but better!

not beats COOOOOOLD

Better than beats.

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