Fanny Wang On-Ear Headphones (Pink or Red) - £67.19 Today Only @ Scan

Fanny Wang On-Ear Headphones (Pink or Red) - £67.19 Today Only @ Scan

£67.19Scan Deals
Found 13th Sep 2012
"Fanny is an iconic representation of the merging of technology and fashion."

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Scan already has these at the cheapest price (£100), so a pretty big saving!
Ridiculous name aside this is a really good price. More than half the cost of Beats Solo HD and it's sound will put them to shame. Still a slight emphasis on the bass, but certainly doesn't over-do it...
These on-ear premium headphones are tuned to deliver natural, thumping bass with crystal clear mids and highs. Sound balance and clarity are the most essential characteristics of the Fanny Wang audio experience, a truly versatile and beautiful sound.

In addition to Fanny Wang's devotion to technology-based audio engineering, the company's head designer paid equal attention to the headphone exterior. The iconic Wang design features a svelte, classy yet modern headband, duo-fold structure with sturdy aluminum hinges, a removable cord, and ear cups that combine supreme functionality with comfort.

• Custom paired titanium-plated drivers
• Integrated Duo Jack (in-line cable splitter) that lets you add friends
• Backed by a 2 year warranty
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*ALERT* PAIR OF NON-SENNHEISER HEADPHONES OVER £30 - MUST VOTE COLD, MUST VOTE COLD. In all seriousness heat is added as these have pretty good reviews so may be worth the money.
I expected it to be honest mate! I'm sensible enough to avoid voting on, lets say.. a car.. because I don't know the first thing about them... I said my piece hoping people would understand, but they probably just saw the name and instantly voted cold. I know it's not the best of names, but it's very subtle on the actual cans, and unless you've got a stranger sniffing your ear, they probably wouldn't notice.
£32.80 cheaper than the next cheapest price, will save somebody a few bob if they were contemplating the Solo HD's!

8/10 on Trusted Reviews. Only lost marks because of the £150 price tag..…iew

Edited by: "mamboboy" 13th Sep 2012
Read some good reviews on these. I just don't like the design though. They look too much like Beats...
"fanny Wang" is that a euphemism?
fanny wang sounds like asian for vagina,
It's Cantonese for Hermaphrodite.
Edited by: "mamboboy" 13th Sep 2012
TBH, I don't really want wang on my ears...
Heat, they're better than beats whilst still looking like them (which I consider a negative, but the fewer people buying beats the better).
heat just for the brand name, outstanding name!
Kids today with these Fanny's on their heads.....
Compared these to loads of others at the Gadget show and these won hands down.

Stupid name but brilliant sound and great price

Fanny Wang in your ears...... Ah those were the days
Ordered 2 pair for roughly the same price as 1 pair of beats solo with delivery tomorrow, all the reviews ive seen rated these over the beats for sound quality and on par for build quality. heat from me.
Got a Fanny like an Ear = I get it it's a joke right ?
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