Fanta 3L bottle £1.49 @ B&M

Fanta 3L bottle £1.49 @ B&M

Found 15th Dec 2014
was in B&M this afternoon and there selling 3L bottles of fanta for £1.49 all flavours


love the ice lemon, may have to have a browse and purchase some..

Got the twist one on Saturday

Love the twist version

Lovely thanks,

Great find

No doubt the diet police will have some negativity to spout though...... oO

FANTA!! The best fizzy pop ever. Only the orange though

does not taste the same anymore..

I thought it was only cheap cider that comes in 3l bottles.

nice price, hot

glad the op posted "all flavours" as i could have seen new posts with orange fanta 1.49 etc

Good fr yr teeth too!!!!

usually you get 2l for a pound so this is 3l for £1.49 not a great deal but if anyone needs 3l then yes (_;)
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