Fanta Orange 4 x 330ml 50p @ B&M Stores
Fanta Orange 4 x 330ml 50p @ B&M Stores

Fanta Orange 4 x 330ml 50p @ B&M Stores

Excellent price. 4 pack of cans for just 50p.


i agree hot


i agree hot

I prefer them chilled myself...

did they have the zero versions?

don't suppose they have fruit twist as well did they?

This has already been posted


This has already been posted

2 months ago it was, 1 month+ for a re-post

Hot price ........


none in ours ,only 8 for £2.50

Don't let the fact that it was invented by the Nazis put you off. Dive in and dream of world domination, it tastes great!
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Good price for 4 tins of pop. 5% orange juice and 25g sugar (per can) so not a 'must buy' for me.

who loves orange soda......

Is the local or nationwide?

This will be making way for the new lower sugar version I seen advertised on the side of a London bus today.
For years the soft drinks company's have been making soft drinks with so much sugar while the obesity epidemic gets out of control, as soon as a government sugar tax is imposed (potentially hurting their profits), they all rush out and make "new and improved versions" with less sugar!

Nazi juice
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