Fanta/Fanta Zero Orange /Sprite/Sprite Zero 24pk £6.00 @ Morrisons Instore

Fanta/Fanta Zero Orange /Sprite/Sprite Zero 24pk £6.00 @ Morrisons Instore

Found 26th Apr 2017
24pk £6.00 @ Morrisons In store

Fanta Orange
Fanta Zero Orange
Sprite Zero
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Thanks OP, need some fanta zero
Same net price in my local Home Bargains if you only want a 4 pack (probably nation wide)
had them in speke,liverpool store
Cheltenham too...and Sprite
You can only have so much of it though. Aspartame really leaves that funny taste in your mouth, not to mention its impact on your teeth (mine goes yellow instantly).
Looked and not online!!
3 cases for £16 in Farm Foods
Good price.
Tried 2 Morrison's in the NE. Only Fanta Zero and Sprite Zero available, no ordinary Fanta or Sprite on show
Only the zero variety available in Letchworth branch - but that's what I wanted !
Heat added
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