Fantastic classical album for free @ Google Play

Fantastic classical album for free @ Google Play

Found 22nd Nov 2014
Do you ever really get anything for free? Sometimes you do...

If you have a Google account you can own this classical album for free and listen to it on any PC or Android device (you can usually easily download MP3s to use on any other devices using the Google Music Manager software also).

Great for listening to whilst working, going to sleep, unwinding, drowning out the noise of screaming kids, etc.

All tracks cost 99p to buy individually, but you can purchase all 15 of them for diddly.
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Has been around for a while, but was last posted 3 months back.. more discussion in that thread here
I saw some of the others on here. I got a bolt of happiness when I saw another one of these Play albums to download. I don't know if they have all been free since the same date, but I enjoy seeing them pop up like this individually. Every so often I get to see another one and get that little buzz of joy at another freebie I know is going to be good
Thanks, downloading the 3
How to download the mp3?

How to download the mp3?

The directions provided here may help you
Really is free :-). Hot from me
im sure this was posted before but heat anyway , I like classical music
Thanks! enjoying it.
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