Fantastic Four Blu-Ray @head entertainment

Fantastic Four Blu-Ray @head entertainment

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Managed to get a copy of Fantastic Four on Blu-Ray from the Dundee Branch of Head Entertainment. Its the film that came out in 2005. I think this is the cheapest price that I have seen on its own. It wasn't in the deal listed a couple of months ago. I don't know about the other branches so it may be an idea to phone ahead. There was over 10 copies when I was in on Saturday.

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That Head shop in Dundee is really good (it's the old Virgin store in the Wellgate).

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yeah i check it out every week or so and they seem to change the blu-ray offers around a bit. some go down to 6 or 7 pound but go back up once a certain number have sold so it seems

Prices seem to fluctuate between the Head stores. This was £5.74 for a while in Sheffield but is now £9.74.

i got this for £5 from CEX about a year ago, my first bargain bluray.


if anyone doesn't live near a head entertainment, they are available second hand for £6 delivered at:…buy

And Fantastic Four 1&2 both back in the 3 for 2 at amazon at £.8.98
so if you can find another title 3 for £18.They went up in price but are
reduced again.
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