Fantastic savings on all baby products @ ASDA (Big Baby Event to 27th)
Fantastic savings on all baby products @ ASDA (Big Baby Event to 27th)

Fantastic savings on all baby products @ ASDA (Big Baby Event to 27th)

ASDA Big baby Event between 14 than 27th. Many baby products reduced.


Was in Asda Living at Crown Point in Leeds and saw that they had already reduced some items! Got some Lindam Child Gates reduced from £17 to £15 not much i know. However when i paid for them i got a discount of £4! making them £26 for 2 thats £13 each! Bargain!

There were some fantastic deals in my local Asda (South Woodham Ferrers) including:
Tommee Tippee drinking flasks that are normally around £3.50-£4.00 all at £2 each (I picked up several of these)
Tomy brand Winnie the Pooh bed guard at £10 (I got the last of these but apparently there will be more turning up shortly)
Graco High Chair - down from £40 to £25
Johnson's baby wipes - 6 pack for £5
Tommee Tippee nappy wrapper down from £30 to £10
Tommee Tippee breast pump now £10
Britax Hi-Liner Car seat suitable from 4-11 years down from £55 to £30
Winnie the Pooh Turbo Tigger down from £25 to £12

BristolSam - don't want to steal any of your credit, but would you mind if I posted a couple of these items separately as I think the breast pump, nappy wrapper, bed guard and stair gates are excellent deals?

Asda Hounslow had hardly anything. just the wipes, tigger, clothes & the active fit.

They said the other stuff was in superstores. I wanted the calpol vapour.

there are also do the fisher price flask for £5 normally £10-13

There is some great stuff indeed! Gonna buy the the highchair for Grandma. Not for her personally you understand... for when our little 'un goes for visits. Much easier than carting the all singing all dancing one we have round the country. And it's only £25!

A tad discriminatory me thinks, what if you have'nt got a big baby, what if your baby is medium or on the small side. On the same theme I went to a giant boot sale a few weeks ago and could I find any giant boots hell no! I think people like this need bringing to task if mary whitehouse was still alive id right to her and complain.

all the best

the bear


This is the correct link , hope it works

Yeah, they have some great offers. Asda's own wipes 4 packs (320 wipes) for £1.90. Asda's own toilet training wipes 4 packs for £1, Johnsons wipes 6 packs for £5. The small packs of Huggies nappies are the best value at £3 per pack. I came home well stocked with wipes the other day :thumbsup:
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