Fantasy General free @ GoG.com
Fantasy General free @ GoG.com

Fantasy General free @ GoG.com

GoG.com are giving us another freebie during their Summer Sale - Fantasy General, a turn-based fantasy strategy game from 1996!

No strings on this one, just log in and click on the link to get it free before 2pm on Sunday 18th June. This is for a GoG-only DRM-free copy - no Steam version, and indeed, I don't think it's even on Steam anyway.

Also, if you already have it in your library, then you'll be emailed a gift code instead you can share with someone if they miss out on the freebie.


got it, i`ll never play it. tee hee.

Heads up incase people missed it. Gwent open beta is still active on GoG with a free copy of The Witcher and a free card keg.
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