Fantasy Stakes (weekly fantasy football) £5 FREE
Hi guys, my favourite fantasy football game has a promotion on for new people.

Basically you get £5 to enter a league FREE with no deposit required..
ALSO If you do decide to deposit they will cash match your first deposit up to £10

Trust me.. this game is so addictive! Scores are updated live as the games are playing and theres a chat on there to talk with others.. Im £650 up so far this season

Here is the instructions:

Were giving away bundles of Free Cash here at Fantasy Stakes! Were running TWO PROMOTIONS for all users who have yet to register a credit/debit card, just so you can try out the best weekly fantasy football experience on the web.
Promotion 1 Free Fiver

Were giving away £5 to anyone who registers their first credit/debit card. You can use your £5 to enter our new Mirror Super League which has a guaranteed £200 prize pool. Thats right, £200 available and it costs you nothing to enter! Simply follow these steps:

* STEP 1 - If you dont yet have an account, click on Register and create your new account
* STEP 2 - Go to My Account. In the Wallet section, click on set my address then complete your address details
* STEP 3 - In the Promotions section of My Account click on register a payment card then complete your card details
* STEP 4 - You do not have to deposit. Just click on Back To My Account
* STEP 5 - In the Promotions section of My Account click CLAIM IT!
* STEP 6 - Click on Mirror Super League to enter the league and select your team. Youre ready to play!

Our Mirror Super League costs £2+£0.50 to play so your free fiver gets you two entries. The league will run each week until the end of November so you dont have to make all your entries at once. Will you elect to play both your entries in the first week or will you save one for next week? Whatever you choose, good luck! Once youve managed to scoop the Mirror Super League prize money youll be able to use it to enter any leagues you like!
Promotion 2 Cash Match

If you have never previously registered a card, we will match your first deposit with Fantasy Pounds up to a maximum value of £10. You can use your deposited amount to enter any leagues you like PLUS you can use Fantasy Pounds to enter the Mirror Super League as many times as you can afford and give yourself even more chances to win the Free Cash available!

* STEP 1 - In My Account, set your address and register your credit or debit card
* STEP 2 - Deposit any amount you choose and the Cash Match money will appear in your account immediately.



hey can you change your team every week ?

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hey can you change your team every week ?

its a new competition every week, so yeah brand new team every week

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any football fans??

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why has people voted this minus? im letting people know they can get a free entry no strings attached to a cash tournament?

Doesnt look that professional?

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read that page if you have any doubts if its a serious site or not..
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