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Posted 19 June 2023

fanxiang S880 2TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD M.2 2280 Internal Solid State Drive - Up to 7300MB/s, £79.99 sold by LDCEMS Dispatched by Amazon

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Digital storage capacity2 TB
Hard disk interfaceNVMe
Hard disk descriptionSolid State Drive
Compatible devicesGaming Console
Installation typeInternal Hard Drive
【Ultimate Speed】: The Fanxiang S880 utilizes PCIe 4.0 technology with read and write speeds up to 7300/6800MB/s. It significantly improves file transfer and game loading speeds, allowing for faster and smoother startups of your games and applications.
【Stable and Reliable】: The NVMe M.2 SSD has undergone 88 hours of rigorous testing and 5 strict tests to ensure long-term stability and reliability. With rigorous quality inspection and testing, the S880 offers a 5-year warranty and 1400TBW, providing you with peace of mind.
【Fully Compatible】: The S880 NVMe SSD has a compact design(2280 M.2), making it easy to install and use. It is compatible with PS5 and most computers and systems on the market.
【Quality Guarantee】: We have our own factory and packaging equipment, which allows us to better control production costs and quality. Compared to similar products, our product performance is more powerful, and our price is more competitive.
【Premium After-sales Service】: We provide professional and efficient after-sales service. Whether you have any questions or concerns before or during the purchase, we will promptly solve them and provide satisfactory answers.

Also fanxiang S770 2TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD M.2 2280 Internal Solid State Drive, Configure DRAM Cache, with Heatsink is at £89.99.
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  1. driver8's avatar
    What's your expert opinion, @The.Fat.Cat ?
    fishmaster's avatar

    Reliability issues mentioned here >




    Not much info about it. Many people reporting insane poor reliability issues with the Fanxiang S770.

    Anyway here's a screenshot of the NAND/Controller type >

    1. "wrf-iceflame
    Prolific Commenter
    24 days ago
    I got the drive today. Just for anyone who interested in it.


    Yes. It's Maxio MAP1602A-F3D and YMTC 232 layer TLC NAND. Same hardware as S790 they sell in China.

    However according to the tag on NAND chip, it is not encapsulated by YMTC itself. Could be Hosinglobe as it start with 'HGC'. I didn't find any information about this tag yet. Only risk here is if fanxiang use the lower tier NAND chip for cost down."

    2. "Jaggsta
    All-Time Top 100 Poster
    22 days ago
    edited 22 days ago
    Looks like its no DRAM (HMB) if its MAP1602 others listed



    So my current research tells me this drive is :

    1. TLC NAND based with HMB (Host Memory Buffer) so uses a very small portion of system RAM to cache the drive.

    2. Reliability question mark based on Michael Stinkerings review above, considering he received 2 drives and one was DOA when he received it, also S770 model appears to have a lot of reliability issues.

    This is the cheapest price for this performance though. If I find out the TBW endurance I'll let you know. YMTC is a direct clone of the Micron 232 layer process, so knowing China they somehow stole this IP and made their own. Based on information here and how incredulous it seems that YMTC have only been in business since 2016 and now can make 232 layer 3D NAND of its own accord techpowerup.com/301…nix

    4. Amazon states 1400TBW for the NAND endurance, easily good enough for 10 years of 383GB a day average every day.

    5. YouTube review above benches the drive at average 7111.78MB read and 6636.2MB write, so pretty much at the limit of what PCIe 4.0 offers. No sustained sequential write speeds referenced, so no idea of post cache sequential performance and cache recovery performance. YouTube review states in the video information Dynamic SLC Cache and 700TBW endurance. No idea where that info comes from. (edited)
  2. careless_adi's avatar
    What's the best way to benchmark this? I bought one the other day and have it fitted to my B650E motherboard, Ryzen 7900X3D and 32GB 6000MHz DDR5 RAM. Happy to report findings.
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  3. BluesFanUK's avatar
    EDIT - Removed, don't get the S770! (edited)
    RealPlonker's avatar

    S770 has issues, I'd go for this and just get a heatsink if you need it. You probably wouldn't on PC at least, other drives with this hardware combo are probably the most efficient out there right now. (edited)
  4. MRP's avatar
    The 4TB is just £201

    These use the Innogrit controller which has had some issues for some people. Similar to the Adata PCIE 4 drives with issues for not being recognised. So customer service matters.

    If it works all is good.
  5. Fuiiiiii's avatar
    any dram?
    xiaoxigua's avatar
    xiaoxigua Author
    2gb SLC cache dram.
  6. craiger082's avatar
    Anyone recommend a heat sink for this in ps5? Cheers
  7. sadbuttrue's avatar
    Anyone sensible and helpful recommend a heat sink for this in ps5? Cheers
  8. snozskii's avatar
    Great deal had to get sick of deleting games on ps5

    You don't need a heatsink btw , just leave the PS5's SSD cover off
    Toms hardware tested this. 65c is fine
  9. rudey_valentino's avatar
    That's ps5 sutible also
  10. komi's avatar
    Perfect for a game drive with this sort of speed! nice find
  11. abdurrr_'s avatar
    Cheers op have some heat, bought one for the ps5
  12. seanyuen's avatar
    Silly price! Perfect backup/media drive!
  13. comfysofa's avatar
    Heat added - to think 18 months back i paid 180 for a 1tb samsung 970....!
    suitsyou1's avatar
    I paid 170 for a 500gb 960 Evo a few years ago also. Its like that however firms holding on to stock at rise prices to cash in from technology upgrades are diminishing their returns just like the Nvidia 3 Series cards which have now flooded the market at well below MSRP after the Scalper/Bitcoin crash (edited)
  14. Unit731's avatar
    Lol, who buys this junk when drives from reputable companies are already so cheap…
    bluedragon316's avatar
    But why pay more when the real life performance isn't any better for the more expensive options?
  15. Ulti's avatar
    Damn I thought my fanxiang S660 2TB for £76.49 as a great deal but this is on another level!
  16. MikeyS's avatar
    What a steal, a lot of PS5s are about to get upgraded
  17. mini76's avatar
    What about Xbox ?.S series ?
    jammiejam2k69's avatar
    What about it?
  18. garrafk's avatar
    Got for 9.99
    25% off Amazon business voucher and then £50 voucher for getting accepted for American express credit card which I will cancel.
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