Far Cry 2 Collectors Edition PS3 £14.95 + Free Delivery @ Zavvi (Includes T Shirt / Map Guide Book / Artbook)
Far Cry 2 Collectors Edition PS3 £14.95 + Free Delivery @ Zavvi (Includes T Shirt / Map Guide Book / Artbook)

Far Cry 2 Collectors Edition PS3 £14.95 + Free Delivery @ Zavvi (Includes T Shirt / Map Guide Book / Artbook)

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Caught between two rival factions in war-torn Africa, in Far Cry 2 for PS3 you are sent to take out "The Jackal", a mysterious character who has rekindled the conflict between the warlords, jeopardizing thousands of lives. In order to fulfil your mission in Far Cry 2 for PS3 you will have to play the factions against each other, identify and exploit their weaknesses, and neutralise their superior numbers and firepower with surprise, subversion, cunning and,of course, brute force. Welcome back Far Cry fans, Far Cry 2 for PS3 is the spectacular free-roaming sequel you've been waiting for!

The Far Cry 2 PS3 Exclusive Collector's Edition Contains:

Far Cry 2: A copy of the game
The Art of Far Cry 2: Artbook
Collectable 50km² map: Never get lost!
Far Cry T-shirt: Play in style!
Map Guide Book:
Helping you find your way around this enormous gameworld.
Making-of DVD: Including the Far Cry 2 dev team's thrilling African trip!

Far Cry 2 Dunia Engine: The Dunia Engine was built specifically for Far Cry 2 for PS3 by the award-winning Ubisoft Montr? development team. It delivers the most realistic destructible environments, amazing special effects such as dynamic fire propagation and storm effects, real-time night-and-day cycle, dynamic music system, non-scripted enemy A.I. and so much more, making Far Cry 2 for PS3 a stunnung standard-setting shooter!
Real-Time Immersion: Far Cry 2 for PS3 boasts real-time story telling, systemic auto-healing and a minimal in-game interface, ensuring Far Cry 2 for PS3 delivers all the tension of being alone against barbarous warlords that threaten thousands of innocent lives!
Weapons of Choice!: Far Cry 2 for PS3 lets you choose from a wide range of weapons to make your way to your primary target. Meet the fight head-on in Far Cry 2 with your machine-gun, go berserk with your machete or make stealth kills as a Sniper. If you feel that the atmosphere is not warm enough in Far Cry 2, light up your flamethrower and let your enemies and everything around them feel the heat!

Also Xbox 360 Same price aswell
- leeds_united_afc


heat added (o: and ordered

maybe i should have posted it earlier :whistling:


Feel like crying. Just bought this from fleabay for £12 the other day, USED . God damn it :-(

Thanks ordered.




Heat and Rep.

Great find. Just ordered a copy. Cheers :thumbsup:

tshirt, nice.

hot, good price, very good game, however if you are expecting anything like the 1st far-cry it isn't.

i spent the 1st half of the game awaiting the appearance of the trigen.

Good game. If you're South African, it's amusing to hear the mercenaries talking Afrikaans and Zulu as they try and track you down. Fantastic visuals, but gameplay can get to feel a little samey after a while.

Great price H&R added.

boring game but the price is right.


boring game but the price is right.

I agree.

Too much repetition and not enough fun.

heat added i like this game

I ordered mine yesterday. All sold out now.

Big bug in the game though. Crashes about halfway through with no patch fix. A lot of very unhappy customers including a friend of mine. It's put me off buying this game.
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