Far Cry 2: Collector's Edition (Xbox 360) - £17.96 @ Game Collection

Far Cry 2: Collector's Edition (Xbox 360) - £17.96 @ Game Collection

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Collectors Edition?! I didn't know one existed. Voted Hot. I picked this up 2nd hand a few weeks ago for £15. Oh well, good few weeks extra play I've had out of it

I'm quite enjoying this game so far. Has nice graphics, and the environment is very immersive and well presented, especially the real-time weather effects and some nice little touches here and there, such as spreading bush fires. It's quite compelling to keep doing missions, or even just exploring finding diamonds (the game's currency) among other things. The selection of weapons is good too.

I always seem to like games most other people dislike though, so I'm guessing the same applies here. This game probably isn't for everyone. Where as shooters like COD throw you right into the middle of the action in a semi-brainless but action-filled way, this has to be the opposite end of the scale completely. It takes a fair bit of time to get from location to location around the map and you have to consider your approach to each mission, or risk getting killed.

If you aren't a patient gamer and just like games that give you a quick blast then I'd avoid this game. That said, you do (annoyingly) get shot at randomly wherever you go, especially if you stick to the roads, so there's still a fair bit of action to be had. These random gunfights do get in the way of missions sometimes though and completely screw you in terms of ammo and health. You can avoid a lot of enemy contact when you don't want it though by using the buses to get around, or by travelling around the outer-edge of the map.

Anyway, I think most people would consider that an accurate account of the game. Just thought I'd give my honest opinion if anybody is considering buying this game.
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